813990 Other Similar Organizations (except Business, Professional, Labor, and Political Organizations)

This industry comprises establishments (except religious organizations, social advocacy organizations, civic and social organizations, business associations, professional organizations, labor unions, and political organizations) primarily engaged in promoting the interests of their members.

Illustrative Examples:

Athletic associations and leagues, regulatory
Property owners' associations
Condominium and homeowners' associations
Tenants' associations (except advocacy)
Cooperative owners' associations

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--
  • Operating religious organizations, such as churches, religious temples, and monasteries--are classified in Industry 813110, Religious Organizations;
  • Raising funds for a wide range of social welfare activities and establishments known as grantmaking foundations or charitable trusts--are classified in Industry 81321, Grantmaking and Giving Services;
  • Advocating social causes or issues--are classified in Industry 81331, Social Advocacy Organizations;
  • Promoting the civic and social interests of their members--are classified in Industry 813410, Civic and Social Organizations;
  • Promoting the business interests of their members--are classified in Industry 813910, Business Associations;
  • Promoting the professional interests of their members and the profession as a whole--are classified in Industry 813920, Professional Organizations;
  • Promoting the interests of organized labor and union employees--are classified in Industry 813930, Labor Unions and Similar Labor Organizations;
  • Promoting the interests of national, state, or local political parties or candidates--are classified in Industry 813940, Political Organizations; and
  • Providing recreational and amusement services, such as recreational or youth sports league teams--are classified in Industry 713990, All Other Amusement and Recreation Industries.
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813990 813990 813990  Athletic associations, regulatory
813990 813990 813990  Athletic leagues (i.e., regulating bodies)
813990 813990 813990  Condominium corporations
813990 813990 813990  Condominium owners' associations
813990 813990 813990  Cooperative owners' associations
813990 813990 813990  Homeowners' associations
813990 813990 813990  Homeowners' associations, condominium
813990 813990 813990  Property owners' associations
813990 813990 813990  Sports governing bodies
813990 813990 813990  Sports leagues (i.e., regulating bodies)
813990 813990 813990  Tenants' associations (except advocacy)