NAICS Code Description

516210 - Media Streaming Distribution Services, Social Networks, and Other Media Networks and Content Providers

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Comcast CorporationSirius XM Holdings Inc
Charter Communications IncSpectrum MGT Holdg Co LLC
Nbcuniversal Media LLCComcast Cble Cmmunications LLC
Warner Media LLCCharter Cmmnctons Holdings LLC
Netflix IncLiberty Latin America Ltd

This industry comprises establishments primarily providing media streaming distribution services, operating social network sites, operating media broadcasting and cable television networks, and supplying information, such as news reports, articles, pictures, and features, to the news media. These establishments distribute textual, audio, and/or video content of general or specific interest.

Illustrative Examples:

Broadcasting networks, radio
Broadcasting networks, television
Cable broadcasting networks
Cable television networks
Internet broadcasting
Pay-per-view cable programming
Satellite radio networks
Satellite television networks
Social network sites, Internet
Stand-alone streaming services
Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) services
Syndicates, news
Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (vMVPDs)
Web broadcasting
Wiki sites, Internet

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Operating radio and television broadcasting stations--are classified in Industry Group 5161, Radio and Television Broadcasting Stations;
  • Providing cable and satellite television distribution services using facilities and infrastructure that they operate--are classified in U.S. Industry 517111, Wired Telecommunications Carriers;
  • Operating Web sites that use search engines to allow for searching information on the Internet--are classified in Industry 519290, Web Search Portals and All Other Information Services;
  • Producing radio program recordings--are classified in Industry 512290, Other Sound Recording Industries;
  • Producing television programs--are classified in Industry 512110, Motion Picture and Video Production;
  • Acquiring distribution rights and distributing motion pictures and videos to motion picture theaters, television networks and stations, other media broadcast and streaming outlets, and exhibitors--are classified in Industry 512120, Motion Picture and Video Distribution;
  • Publishing, or publishing and distributing, content they create or own, including game software and gaming site publishers--are classified in Subsector 513, Publishing Industries;
  • Formatting content, provided by a customer, for streaming and providing hosting and infrastructure support on behalf of the content owner, generally on a contract or fee basis, including game server hosting providers--are classified in Industry 518210, Computing Infrastructure Providers, Data Processing, Web Hosting, and Related Services; and
  • Independent performing, writing, and journalism, including photojournalists and musicians--are classified in Subsector 711, Performing Arts, Spectator Sports, and Related Industries.
Index Entries for 516210
516210Blog sites, Internet
519130519130519130516210Broadcasting exclusively on Internet, audio
519130519130519130516210Broadcasting exclusively on Internet, video
515111515111515111516210Broadcasting networks, radio
515120515120515120516210Broadcasting networks, television
515210515210515210516210Cable broadcasting networks
515210515210515210516210Cable television networks
516210Entertainment broadcasting sites, Internet
519110519110519110516210Feature syndicates (i.e., advice columns, comic, news)
516210Gaming sites, Internet (except publishers)
519130519130519130516210Internet broadcasting
519130519130519130516210Internet entertainment broadcasting sites
519130519130519130516210Internet radio stations
519130519130519130516210Internet sports broadcasting sites
519130519130519130516210Internet video broadcast sites
516210Media (e.g., audio, video) streaming distribution services
515111515111515111516210Network broadcasting service, radio
515111515111515111516210Network radio broadcasting
515120515120515120516210Network television broadcasting
515210515210515210516210Networks, cable television
519110519110519110516210News picture gathering and distributing services
519110519110519110516210News reporting services
519110519110519110516210News service syndicates
519110519110519110516210News ticker services
519110519110519110516210Newspaper feature syndicates
515210515210515210516210Pay television networks
515210515210515210516210Pay-per-view cable programming
515111515111515111516210Radio broadcasting network services
515111515111515111516210Radio broadcasting networks
515111515111515111516210Radio broadcasting syndicates
516210Road traffic reporting services
515111515111515111516210Satellite radio networks
515210515210515210516210Satellite television networks
519130519130519130516210Social network sites, Internet
515210515210515210516210Specialty television (e.g., music, sports, news) cable networks
516210Stand-alone streaming services
515210515210515210516210Subscription television networks
516210Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) services
519110519110519110516210Syndicates, news
515120515120515120516210Television broadcasting networks
515210515210515210516210Television subscription services
519130519130519130516210Video broadcasting, exclusively on Internet
516210Video on Demand (VOD) programming
516210Video on Demand (VOD) streaming distribution services
516210Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (vMVPDs)
519130519130519130516210Web broadcasting
516210Wiki sites, Internet
519110519110519110516210Wire photo services
519110519110519110516210Wire services, news