NAICS Code Description

459510 - Used Merchandise Retailers

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Tvi IncGoodwill North Georgia Inc
Mfl Marketing CorpGoodwill Inds Orange Cnty Cal
Goodwill of ColoradoGoodwill Inds Grter NY Nthrn N
Goodwill Central & Nthrn ArizGoodwill Inds N Cntl Wscnsin I
Goodwill Industries HoustonGoodwill Industries S Fla Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in retailing used merchandise, antiques, and secondhand goods (except motor vehicles, such as automobiles, RVs, motorcycles, and boats; motor vehicle parts; tires; and mobile homes). This industry includes establishments retailing used merchandise on an auction basis.

Illustrative Examples:

Antique retailers
Used household appliance retailers
Used book retailers
Used merchandise thrift shops
Used clothing retailers
Used sporting goods retailers

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Operating pawnshops--are classified in U.S. Industry 522299, International, Secondary Market, and All Other Nondepository Credit Intermediation;
  • Retailing used automobiles--are classified in Industry 441120, Used Car Dealers;
  • Retailing used automobile parts (except tires and tubes)--are classified in Industry 441330, Automotive Parts and Accessories Retailers;
  • Retailing used tires--are classified in Industry 441340, Tire Dealers;
  • Retailing used mobile homes--are classified in Industry 459930, Manufactured (Mobile) Home Dealers;
  • Retailing used recreational vehicles--are classified in Industry 441210, Recreational Vehicle Dealers;
  • Retailing used boats--are classified in U.S. Industry 441222, Boat Dealers;
  • Retailing used motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), aircraft, snowmobiles, and utility trailers--are classified in U.S. Industry 441227, Motorcycle, ATV, and All Other Motor Vehicle Dealers; and
  • Retailing a general line of new and used merchandise on an auction basis--are classified in U.S. Industry 455219, All Other General Merchandise Retailers.
Index Entries for 459510
453310453310453310459510Antique dealers (except motor vehicles)
453310453310453310459510Antique shops
453310453310453310459510Apparel stores, used clothing
453310453310453310459510Appliance stores, household, used
453310453310453310459510Architectural salvage dealers
454112454112454110459510Auctions, general merchandise (used), Internet retail
454111454111454110459510Auctions, general merchandise (used), Internet retail
453310453310453310459510Bicycle (except motorized) shops, used
454113454113454110459510Book clubs, not publishing, used books, mail-order
453310453310453310459510Book stores, used
453310453310453310459510Clothing stores, used
459510Computer software, prepackaged, used, mail-order houses
453310453310453310459510Consignment shops, used merchandise
454112454112454110459510Electronic auctions, general merchandise (used), retail
453310453310453310459510Flea markets, used merchandise, permanent
453310453310453310459510Furniture stores, used
459510General merchandise (used) auction houses
454112454112454110459510Internet auctions, general merchandise (used), retail
459510Internet retail sales sites, used general merchandise
453310453310453310459510Music stores (e.g., cassette, instrument, record, tape), used
454113454113454110459510Prerecorded tape, compact disc, and record, used, mail-order houses
453310453310453310459510Rare manuscript stores
453310453310453310459510Record stores, used
453310453310453310459510Secondhand merchandise stores
453310453310453310459510Sporting goods stores, used
453310453310453310459510Thrift shops, used merchandise
453310453310453310459510Used bicycle (except motorized) shops
453310453310453310459510Used merchandise dealers (except motor vehicles and parts)
453310453310453310459510Used merchandise stores
453310453310453310459510Used rare collectors' items (e.g., autograph, coin, card, stamps) shops
459510Used rare collectors' items (e.g., autograph, coin, card, stamps), mail-order houses