NAICS Code Description

336214 - Travel Trailer and Camper Manufacturing

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American Trailer World CorpNorthwood Manufacturing Inc
Dexko Global IncThor Motor Coach Inc
Keystone Rv CompanyNu-WA Industries Inc
Gulf Stream Coach IncLayton Homes Corporation
Thule Holding IncJacsten Holdings LLC

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in one or more of the following: (1) manufacturing travel trailers and campers designed to attach to motor vehicles; (2) manufacturing pick-up coaches (i.e., campers) and caps (i.e., covers) for mounting on pick-up trucks; and (3) manufacturing automobile, utility, and light-truck trailers. Travel trailers do not have their own motor but are designed to be towed by a motor unit, such as an automobile or a light truck.

Illustrative Examples:

Automobile transporter trailers, single car, manufacturing
Camper units, slide-in, for pick-up trucks, manufacturing
Camping trailers and chassis manufacturing
Horse trailers (except fifth-wheel-type) manufacturing
Pick-up canopies, caps, or covers manufacturing
Travel trailers, recreational, manufacturing
Utility trailers manufacturing

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing truck trailers, truck trailer chassis, cargo container chassis, detachable trailer bodies, and detachable trailer chassis for sale separately--are classified in U.S. Industry 336212, Truck Trailer Manufacturing; and
  • Making manufactured homes (i.e., mobile homes) designed to accept permanent water, sewer, and utility connections and equipped with wheels, but not intended for regular highway use--are classified in U.S. Industry 321991, Manufactured Home (Mobile Home) Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 336214
336214336214336214336214Automobile transporter trailers, single car, manufacturing
336214336214336214336214Boat transporter trailers, single-unit, manufacturing
336214336214336214336214Camper units, slide-in, for pick-up trucks, manufacturing
336214336214336214336214Camping trailers and chassis manufacturing
336214336214336214336214Caps for pick-up trucks manufacturing
336214336214336214336214Horse trailers (except fifth-wheel-type) manufacturing
336214336214336214336214Pick-up canopies, caps, or covers manufacturing
336214336214336214336214Tent trailers (hard top and soft top) manufacturing
336214336214336214336214Trailers for transporting horses (except fifth-wheel-type) manufacturing
336214336214336214336214Trailers, camping, manufacturing
336214336214336214336214Travel trailers, recreational, manufacturing
336214336214336214336214Truck campers (i.e., slide-in campers) manufacturing
336214336214336214336214Utility trailers manufacturing