336212 Truck Trailer Manufacturing

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This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing truck trailers, truck trailer chassis, cargo container chassis, detachable trailer bodies, and detachable trailer chassis for sale separately.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing utility trailers, light-truck trailers, and travel trailers are classified in U.S. Industry 336214, Travel Trailer and Camper Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 336212
Automobile transporter trailers, multi-car, manufacturing
Boat transporter trailers, multi-unit, manufacturing
Demountable cargo containers manufacturing
Dump trailers manufacturing
Flatbed trailers, commercial, manufacturing
Horse trailers, fifth-wheel-type, manufacturing
Logging trailers manufacturing
Semi-trailers manufacturing
Tank trailers, liquid and dry bulk, manufacturing
Trailers, fifth-wheel-type, for transporting horses, manufacturing
Truck trailers manufacturing