NAICS Code Description

322120 - Paper Mills

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International Paper CompanyEvergreen Packaging LLC
Domtar CorporationBillerud Americas Corporation
Sylvamo CorporationEssity North America Inc
Westrock Paper and Packg LLCGlatfelter Corporation
Resolute FP US IncNeenah Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing paper from pulp. These establishments may manufacture or purchase pulp. In addition, the establishments may convert the paper they make. The activity of making paper classifies an establishment into this industry regardless of the output.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing pulp without manufacturing paper--are classified in Industry 322110, Pulp Mills;
  • Manufacturing paperboard--are classified in Industry 322130, Paperboard Mills;
  • Converting paper without manufacturing paper--are classified in Industry Group 3222, Converted Paper Product Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing photographic sensitized paper from purchased paper--are classified in U.S. Industry 325992, Photographic Film, Paper, Plate, Chemical, and Copy Toner Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 322120
322121322121322121322120Absorbent paper stock manufacturing
322121322121322121322120Asphalt paper made in paper mills
322121322121322121322120Bond paper made in paper mills
322121322121322121322120Book paper, coated, made in paper mills
322121322121322121322120Bristols paper stock manufacturing
322121322121322121322120Building paper stock manufacturing
322121322121322121322120Cigarette paper made in paper mills
322121322121322121322120Construction paper, school and art, made in paper mills
322121322121322121322120Cotton fiber paper stock manufacturing
322121322121322121322120Diapers, disposable, made in paper mills
322121322121322121322120Facial tissues made in paper mills
322121322121322121322120Felts, asphalt, made in paper mills
322121322121322121322120Glassine wrapping paper made in paper mills
322122322122322122322120Groundwood paper products (e.g., publication and printing paper, tablet stock, wallpaper base) made in newsprint mills
322121322121322121322120Groundwood paper, coated, laminated, or treated in paper mills
322121322121322121322120Groundwood paper, coated, made in paper mills
322122322122322122322120Groundwood paper, newsprint, made in paper mills
322121322121322121322120Kraft paper stock manufacturing
322121322121322121322120Looseleaf fillers and paper made in paper mills
322121322121322121322120Napkins, table, made in paper mills
322122322122322122322120Newsprint mills
322122322122322122322120Newsprint paper, manufacturing
322121322121322121322120Office paper (e.g., computer printer, photocopy, plain paper) made in paper mills
322120Paper manufacturing
322121322121322121322120Paper mills
322122322122322122322120Paper mills, uncoated groundwood
322120Paper products made in paper mills
322121322121322121322120Paper stock for conversion into paper products (e.g., bag and sack stock, envelope stock, tissue stock, wallpaper stock) manufacturing
322121322121322121322120Paper towels made in paper mills
322121322121322121322120Paper, asphalt, made in paper mills
322120Paper, coated, laminated or treated, made in paper mills
322122322122322122322120Paper, newsprint and uncoated groundwood, manufacturing
322122322122322122322120Pulp and newsprint combined manufacturing
322121322121322121322120Pulp and paper combined manufacturing
322122322122322122322120Pulp mills and groundwood paper, uncoated and untreated, manufacturing
322122322122322122322120Pulp mills producing newsprint paper
322121322121322121322120Pulp mills producing paper
322121322121322121322120Sanitary napkins and tampons made in paper mills
322121322121322121322120Sanitary paper products made in paper mills
322121322121322121322120Sanitary paper stock manufacturing
322121322121322121322120Sanitary products made in paper mills
322121322121322121322120Saturated felts made in paper mills
322121322121322121322120Sheathing paper made in paper mills
322121322121322121322120Tablets (e.g., memo, note, writing) made in paper mills
322121322121322121322120Tar paper, building and roofing, made in paper mills
322121322121322121322120Tissue paper stock manufacturing
322121322121322121322120Toilet paper made in paper mills
322121322121322121322120Towels, paper, made in paper mills
322122322122322122322120Uncoated groundwood paper mills
322121322121322121322120Writing paper made in paper mills