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322130 - Paperboard Mills

Top Businesses by Revenue for 322130:

Westrock CompanyAtlantaGA
Graphic Packaging Holding CoAtlantaGA
Westrock Mwv LLCRichmondVA
Stephen Gould CorporationWhippanyNJ
Westrock Converting CompanyAtlantaGA
Interstate Resources IncArlingtonVA
Westrock Mill Company LLCAtlantaGA
Neenah Northeast LLCWest SpringfieldMA
Westrock - Solvay LlcSyracuseNY
Artistic Carton CompanyElginIL

322130 - Paperboard Mills

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing paperboard (e.g., can/drum stock, container board, corrugating medium, folding carton stock, linerboard, tube) from pulp. These establishments may manufacture or purchase pulp. In addition, the establishments may also convert the paperboard they make.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing pulp without manufacturing paperboard--are classified in Industry 322110, Pulp Mills;
  • Converting paperboard without manufacturing paperboard--are classified in Industry Group 3222, Converted Paper Product Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing insulation board and other reconstituted wood fiberboard--are classified in U.S. Industry 321219, Reconstituted Wood Product Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 322130
322130322130322130Binder's board manufacturing
322130322130322130Bristols board stock manufacturing
322130322130322130Cardboard stock manufacturing
322130322130322130Chipboard (i.e., paperboard) stock manufacturing
322130322130322130Coated board made in paperboard mills
322130322130322130Container board stock manufacturing
322130322130322130Folding boxboard stock manufacturing
322130322130322130Kraft linerboard manufacturing
322130322130322130Leatherboard (i.e., paperboard based) made in paperboard mills
322130322130322130Milk carton board made in paperboard mills
322130322130322130Paperboard (e.g., can/drum stock, container board, corrugating medium, folding carton stock, linerboard, tube) manufacturing
322130322130322130Paperboard coating, laminating, or treating in paperboard mills
322130322130322130Paperboard mills
322130322130322130Paperboard products (e.g., containers) made in paperboard mills
322130322130322130Pulp and paperboard combined manufacturing
322130322130322130Pulp mills producing paperboard
322130322130322130Setup boxboard stock manufacturing
322130322130322130Wet machine board mills