NAICS Code Description

313310 - Textile and Fabric Finishing Mills

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Brookwood Companies IncMatchmaster Dyg & Finshg Inc
Hanes Companies IncArtfx LLC
Precision Fabrics Group IncSantee Print Works Inc
Cranston Print Works CompanyPac Tell Group Inc
Moore CompanyCentral Textiles Inc

This industry comprises (1) establishments primarily engaged in finishing textiles, fabrics, and apparel and (2) establishments of converters who buy fabric goods in the grey, have them finished on contract, and sell at wholesale. Finishing operations include: bleaching, dyeing, printing (e.g., roller, screen, flock, plisse), stonewashing, and other mechanical finishing, such as preshrinking, shrinking, sponging, calendering, mercerizing, and napping; as well as cleaning, scouring, and the preparation of natural fibers and raw stock.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Coating or impregnating fabrics--are classified in Industry 313320, Fabric Coating Mills;
  • Knitting or knitting and finishing fabric--are classified in Industry 313240, Knit Fabric Mills;
  • Manufacturing and finishing apparel--are classified in Subsector 315, Apparel Manufacturing;
  • Weaving and finishing fabrics--are classified in Industry Group 3132, Fabric Mills;
  • Manufacturing and finishing rugs and carpets--are classified in Industry 314110, Carpet and Rug Mills; and
  • Printing on apparel--are classified in Industry 32311, Printing.
Index Entries for 313310
31331313310313310313310Bleaching textile products, apparel, and fabrics
31331313310313310313310Broadwoven fabrics finishing
31331313310313310313310Burling and mending fabrics
31331313310313310313310Calendering textile products, apparel, and fabrics
313312313310313310313310Carbonizing textile fibers
313312313310313310313310Carding textile fibers
31331313310313310313310Chemical finishing (e.g., fire, mildew, water resistance) fabrics
313312313310313310313310Combing and converting top
313312313310313310313310Combing textile fibers
31331313310313310313310Converters, piece goods
31331313310313310313310Converting textiles
31331313310313310313310Crease resistant finishing of fabrics
313312313310313310313310Dyeing gloves, woven or knit, for the trade
31331313310313310313310Dyeing textile products and fabrics
31331313310313310313310Embossing textile products and fabrics
31331313310313310313310Fabric finishing
31331313310313310313310Fabric mercerizing
313312313310313310313310Gassing yarn (i.e., singeing)
31331313310313310313310Mechanical finishing of fabrics
31331313310313310313310Mercerizing textile products and fabrics
31331313310313310313310Napping textile products and fabrics
31331313310313310313310Preshrinking textile products and fabrics
31331313310313310313310Printing fabric grey goods
313312313310313310313310Printing textile banners (except screen printing)
313312313310313310313310Printing textile products (except screen and apparel printing)
313312313310313310313310Scouring and combing textile fibers
31331313310313310313310Screen printing fabric grey goods
31331313310313310313310Shrinking textile products and fabrics
31331313310313310313310Sizing of fabrics
31331313310313310313310Sponging textile products and fabrics
31331313310313310313310Stone washing textile products, apparel, and fabrics
31331313310313310313310Sueding textile products and fabrics
31331313310313310313310Teaseling fabrics
313312313310313310313310Textile products finishing
313312313310313310313310Thread finishing
313312313310313310313310Wool tops and noils manufacturing