NAICS Code Description

238390 - Other Building Finishing Contractors

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Leaffilter North LLCUacj Mtal Cmponents N Amer Inc
Kirk & Blum Manufacturing CoBright Sheet Metal Company Inc
Knox Industries IncMcCorvey Sheet Metal Works LP
Rhoads Industries IncUnimech Inc
Senox CorporationHarris & Hart Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in building finishing trade work (except drywall, plaster, and insulation work; painting and wall covering work; flooring work; tile and terrazzo work; and finish carpentry work). The work performed may include new work, additions, alterations, maintenance, and repairs.

Illustrative Examples:

Bathtub refinishing, on-site
Fabricating metal cabinets or countertops on site
Closet organizer system installation
Modular furniture system attachment and installation
Concrete coating, glazing, or sealing
Trade show exhibit installation and dismantling
Countertop and cabinet, metal (except residential-type), installation
Waterproofing contractors
Drapery fixture (e.g., hardware, rods, tracks) installation
Window shade and blind installation

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Installing drywall, plaster, or insulation--are classified in Industry 238310, Drywall and Insulation Contractors;
  • Installing or removing paint or wall coverings--are classified in Industry 238320, Painting and Wall Covering Contractors;
  • Installing or repairing wood floors, resilient flooring, and carpet--are classified in Industry 238330, Flooring Contractors;
  • Setting tile or performing terrazzo work--are classified in Industry 238340, Tile and Terrazzo Contractors;
  • Finish carpentry--are classified in Industry 238350, Finish Carpentry Contractors; and
  • Retailing and installing window shades and blinds--are classified in U.S. Industry 449122, Window Treatment Retailers.
Index Entries for 238390
238390238390238390238390Bathtub refinishing, on-site
238390238390238390238390Bleacher installation
238390238390238390238390Building fixture and fitting (except mechanical equipment) installation
238390238390238390238390Caulking (i.e., waterproofing) contractors
238390238390238390238390Ceiling, metal, installation
238390238390238390238390Closet organizer system installation
238390238390238390238390Coating concrete structures with plastics
238390238390238390238390Concrete coating, glazing or sealing
238390238390238390238390Countertop and cabinet, metal (except residential-type), installation
238390238390238390238390Dampproofing contractors
238390238390238390238390Drapery fixture (e.g., hardware, rods, tracks) installation
238390238390238390238390Fabrication, metal cabinet or countertop, on site
238390238390238390238390Foundation dampproofing (including installing rigid foam insulation)
238390238390238390238390Laboratory furniture and equipment installation
238390238390238390238390Lead lining walls for X-ray room contractors
238390238390238390238390Modular furniture system attachment and installation
238390Museum exhibit installation and dismantling contractors
238390238390238390238390Office furniture, modular system, installation
238390238390238390238390Panel, metal, installation
238390238390238390238390Partition (e.g., office, washroom), metal, installation
238390238390238390238390Partition, moveable and/or demountable, installation
238390238390238390238390Shelving, metal, constructed on site
238390238390238390238390Spectator seating installation
238390238390238390238390Trade show exhibit installation and dismantling contractors
238390238390238390238390Ventilated wire shelving (i.e., closet organizing-type) installation
238390238390238390238390Vibration isolation contractors
238390238390238390238390Waterproofing contractors
238390238390238390238390Weatherproofing concrete
238390238390238390238390Weatherstripping installation
238390238390238390238390Window shade and blind installation