NAICS Code Description

238310 - Drywall and Insulation Contractors

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Topbuild CorpUS Builder Services LLC
Performance Contracting IncBuilder Services Group Inc
United Subcontractors IncKeenan Hpkins Sder Stwell Cntr
Anning-Johnson Company31-W Insulation Co Inc
Service Partners LLCArrow Exterminators Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in drywall, plaster work, and building insulation work. Plaster work includes applying plain or ornamental plaster, and installation of lath to receive plaster. The work performed may include new work, additions, alterations, maintenance, and repairs. Establishments primarily engaged in providing firestop services are included in this industry.

Illustrative Examples:

Acoustical ceiling tile and panel installation
Lathing contractors
Drop ceiling installation
Plastering (i.e., ornamental, plain) contractors
Drywall contractors
Soundproofing contractors
Firestop contractors
Fresco (i.e., decorative plaster finishing) contractors
Taping and finishing drywall
Gypsum board installation
Wall cavity and attic space insulation installation

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Applying stucco--are classified in Industry 238140, Masonry Contractors; and
  • Insulating pipes and boilers--are classified in Industry 238290, Other Building Equipment Contractors.
Index Entries for 238310
238310238310238310Acoustical ceiling tile and panel installation
238310238310238310Acoustical foam (i.e., sound barrier) installation
238310238310238310Attic space insulating
238310238310238310Blown-in insulation (e.g., cellulose, vermiculite) installation
238310238310238310Building fireproofing contractors
238310238310238310Building insulation contractors
238310238310238310Ceiling tile installation
238310238310238310Cellulosic fiber insulation installation
238310238310238310Drop ceiling installation
238310238310238310Drywall contractors
238310238310238310Drywall finishing (e.g., sanding, spackling, stippling, taping, texturing)
238310238310238310Drywall hanging
238310238310238310Drywall installation
238310238310238310Exterior insulation finish system installation
238310238310238310Fabric wall system, noise insulating, installation
238310238310238310Finishing drywall contractors
238330238310238310Fireproof flooring installation
238190238310238310Fireproofing buildings
238310238310238310Firestop contractors
238310238310238310Foam insulation installation
238310238310238310Fresco (i.e., decorative plaster finishing) contractors
238310238310238310Glass fiber insulation installation
238310238310238310Gypsum board installation
238310238310238310Insulation contractors
238310238310238310Lathing contractors
238310238310238310Mineral wool insulation installation
238310238310238310Panel or rigid board insulation installation
238310238310238310Plastering (i.e., ornamental, plain) contractors
238310238310238310Polystyrene board insulation installation
238310238310238310Roof insulation contractor
238310238310238310Soundproofing contractors
238310238310238310Styrofoam insulation installation
238310238310238310Suspended ceiling installation
238310238310238310Taping and finishing drywall
238310238310238310Urethane foam insulation application
238310238310238310Wall cavity and attic space insulation installation