NAICS Code Description

236116 - New Multifamily Housing Construction (except For-Sale Builders)

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Lgi Homes IncGene B Glick Company Inc
Installed Building Pdts IncWoodbridge Holdings LLC
Hunt Companies IncOlgoonik Development LLC
Tri Pointe Homes IncHolladay Corporation
Fairfield Development IncCurrent Bldrs Cnstr Svcs Inc

This U.S. industry comprises general contractor establishments primarily responsible for the construction of new multifamily residential housing units (e.g., high-rise, garden, town house apartments, and condominiums where each unit is not separated from its neighbors by a ground-to-roof wall). Multifamily design-build firms and multifamily housing construction management firms acting as general contractors are included in this industry.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Building multifamily buildings on their own account for sale as speculative builders or merchant builders--are classified in U.S. Industry 236117, New Housing For-Sale Builders;
  • Remodeling or repairing existing multifamily housing and other residential buildings--are classified in U.S. Industry 236118, Residential Remodelers;
  • Performing specialized construction work on multifamily housing and other residential buildings, generally on a subcontract basis--are classified in Subsector 238, Specialty Trade Contractors;
  • Manufacturing prefabricated residential buildings and assembling/erecting them at the customers' site--are classified in Sector 31-33, Manufacturing, based on the primary material (wood, plastic, or metal); and
  • Constructing and leasing residential buildings on their own account--are classified in Industry 531110, Lessors of Residential Buildings and Dwellings.
Index Entries for 236116
236116236116236116236116Apartment building construction general contractors
236116236116236116236116Condominium, multifamily, construction general contractors
236116236116236116236116Construction management, multifamily building
236116236116236116236116Cooperative apartment, construction general contractors
236116236116236116236116Custom builders (except for-sale), multifamily buildings
236116236116236116236116Duplex (i.e., one unit above the other), construction general contractors
236116236116236116236116Garden apartment construction general contractors
236116236116236116236116High-rise apartment construction general contractors
236116236116236116236116Home builders (except for-sale), multifamily
236116236116236116236116Housing, multifamily, construction general contractors
236116236116236116236116Low income housing, multifamily, construction general contractors
236116236116236116236116Multifamily building construction general contractors
236116236116236116236116Panelized multifamily housing assembled on site by general contractors
236116236116236116236116Precut multifamily housing assembled on site by general contractors
236116Prefabricated residential building erection, multifamily
236116236116236116236116Residential construction, multifamily, general contractors