NAICS Code Description

211120 - Crude Petroleum Extraction

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Andeavor LLCWilliams Partners LP
Occidental Petroleum CorpAPA Corporation
Eog Resources IncDiamondback Energy Inc
Pioneer Natural Resources CoXto Energy Inc
Devon Energy CorporationSouthwestern Energy Company

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) the exploration, development, and/or the production of petroleum from wells in which the hydrocarbons will initially flow or can be produced using normal or enhanced drilling and extraction techniques or (2) the production of crude petroleum from surface shales or tar sands or from reservoirs in which the hydrocarbons are semisolids. Establishments in this industry operate oil wells on their own account or for others on a contract or fee basis.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Performing oil field services for operators on a contract or fee basis--are classified in Industry 21311, Support Activities for Mining;
  • The combined activities of crude petroleum and natural gas extraction--are classified in Industry Group 2111, Oil and Gas Extraction, based on the primary activity of the establishment; and
  • Refining crude petroleum into refined petroleum and liquid hydrocarbons--are classified in Industry 324110, Petroleum Refineries.
Index Entries for 211120
211111211111211120211120Crude petroleum from oil sand
211111211111211120211120Crude petroleum from oil shale
211111211111211120211120Crude petroleum lease condensate production
211111211111211120211120Crude petroleum production
211111211111211120211120Kerogen processing
211111211111211120211120Offshore crude petroleum production
211111211111211120211120Oil field development for own account
211111211111211120211120Oil field exploration for own account
211111211111211120211120Oil shale mining and/or beneficiating
211111211111211120211120Operating crude petroleum field gathering lines, except on a contract basis
211111211111211120211120Petroleum, crude, production (i.e., extraction)
211111211111211120211120Shale, oil, mining and/or beneficiating
211111211111211120211120Stripper oil well production
211111211111211120211120Tar sands mining