NAICS Code Description

561990 - All Other Support Services

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Uber Technologies IncSothebys
Trinet Group IncHoldco Sands LLC
Franklin Cnty Bd CommissionersRegus Corporation
Shift4 Payments IncNv5 Global Inc
Innerworkings IncQuinstreet Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing day-to-day business and other organizational support services (except office administrative services, facilities support services, employment services, business support services, travel arrangement and reservation services, security and investigation services, services to buildings and other structures, packaging and labeling services, and convention and trade show organizing services).

Illustrative Examples:

Bartering services
Flagging (i.e., traffic control) services
Bottle exchanges
Float decorating services
Cloth cutting, bolting, or winding for the trade
Inventory taking services
Contract meter reading services
Lumber grading services
Diving services on a contract or fee basis

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Providing office administrative services--are classified in Industry 561110, Office Administrative Services;
  • Providing facilities support services--are classified in Industry 561210, Facilities Support Services;
  • Providing employment services--are classified in Industry Group 5613, Employment Services;
  • Providing business support services--are classified in Industry Group 5614, Business Support Services;
  • Providing travel arrangement and reservation services--are classified in Industry Group 5615, Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services;
  • Providing security and investigation services--are classified in Industry Group 5616, Investigation and Security Services;
  • Providing services to buildings and other structures--are classified in Industry Group 5617, Services to Buildings and Dwellings;
  • Providing packaging and labeling services--are classified in Industry 561910, Packaging and Labeling Services; and
  • Organizing, promoting, and/or managing conferences, conventions, and trade shows (whether or not they manage and provide the staff to operate the facilities in which these events take place)--are classified in Industry 561920, Convention and Trade Show Organizers.
Index Entries for 561990
561990561990561990Auctioneers, independent
561990561990561990Bartering services
561990561990561990Bottle exchanges
561990561990561990Cloth cutting, bolting, or winding for the trade
561990561990561990Coin pick-up services, parking meter
561990561990561990Coupon processing services
561990561990561990Coupon redemption services (i.e., clearinghouse)
561990561990561990Diving services on a contract or fee basis
561990561990561990Document shredding services
561990561990561990Electrical meter reading services, contract
561990561990561990Firefighting services as a commercial activity
561990561990561990Flagging (i.e., traffic control) services
561990561990561990Float decorating services
561990561990561990Gas meter reading services, contract
561990561990561990Inventory computing services
561990561990561990Inventory taking services
561990561990561990License issuing services (except government), motor vehicle
561990561990561990Locating underground utility lines prior to digging
561990561990561990Lumber grading services
561990561990561990Meter reading services, contract
561990561990561990Motor vehicle license issuing services, private franchise
561990561990561990Museum cataloging services
561990561990561990Printing brokers
561990561990561990Private volunteer firefighting
561990561990561990Tape slitting (e.g., cutting plastic or leather into widths) for the trade
561990561990561990Textile cutting services
561990561990561990Trading stamp promotion and sale to stores
561990561990561990Trading stamp redemption services
561990561990561990Water softening and conditioning services