NAICS Code Description

561599 - All Other Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services

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Airbnb IncUniversal Weather and AVI LLC
American Auto Assn Nthrn Cal NHotelscom LP
Agero IncAutomobile Club of Missouri
Opentable IncAAA Washington
AAA NortheastAAA Western and Central NY Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments (except travel agencies, tour operators, and convention and visitors bureaus) primarily engaged in providing travel arrangement and reservation services.

Illustrative Examples:

Condominium time-share exchange services
Ticket (e.g., airline, bus, cruise ship, sports, theatrical) offices
Reservation (e.g., airline, car rental, hotel, restaurant) services
Ticket (e.g., amusement, sports, theatrical) agencies
Road and travel services automobile clubs


  • Establishments primarily engaged in arranging the rental of vacation properties are classified in Industry 531210, Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers;
  • Travel agencies are classified in Industry 561510, Travel Agencies;
  • Tour operators are classified in Industry 561520, Tour Operators;
  • Convention and visitors bureaus are classified in U.S. Industry 561591, Convention and Visitors Bureaus;
  • Establishments primarily engaged in organizing, promoting, and/or managing events, such as business and trade shows, conventions, conferences, and meetings (whether or not they manage and provide the staff to operate the facilities in which these events take place), are classified in Industry 561920, Convention and Trade Show Organizers; and
  • Automobile clubs (i.e., enthusiasts' clubs, except road and travel services) are classified in Industry 813410, Civic and Social Organizations.
Index Entries for 561599
561599561599561599Airline reservation services
561599561599561599Airline ticket offices
561599561599561599Automobile clubs, road and travel services
561599561599561599Booking (e.g., airline, car rental, hotel, restaurant) services
561599561599561599Bus ticket offices
561599561599561599Car rental reservation services
561599561599561599Concert ticket offices
561599561599561599Condominium time-share exchange services
561599561599561599Cruise reservation services
561599561599561599Cruise ship ticket offices
561599561599561599Hotel reservation services
561599561599561599Motor travel clubs
561599561599561599Performing arts ticket offices
561599561599561599Railroad ticket offices
561599561599561599Reservation (e.g., airline, car rental, hotel, restaurant) services
561599561599561599Sports ticket offices
561599561599561599Theatrical ticket offices
561599561599561599Ticket (e.g., airline, bus, cruise ship, sports, theatrical) offices
561599561599561599Ticket (e.g., airline, bus, cruise ship, sports, theatrical) sales offices
561599561599561599Ticket (e.g., amusement, sports, theatrical) agencies
561599561599561599Ticket (e.g., amusement, sports, theatrical) sales agencies
561599561599561599Ticket agencies, amusement
561599561599561599Ticket agencies, sports
561599561599561599Ticket agencies, theatrical
561599561599561599Ticket offices for foreign cruise ship companies
561599561599561599Time-share exchange services, condominium