NAICS Code Description

424520 - Livestock Merchant Wholesalers

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Double J Livestock LLCProducers Livestock Mktg Assn
United Producers IncLexington Trots Brders Assn LL
Blue Grass Stockyards CompanyBlack Sheep-Charleston LLC
Central Livestock Assn IncWiechman Pig Company Inc
Winter Livestock IncDominiques Livestock Market

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the merchant wholesale distribution of livestock (except horses and mules).

Illustrative Examples:

Cattle merchant wholesalers
Hogs merchant wholesalers
Goats merchant wholesalers
Sheep merchant wholesalers


  • Establishments primarily engaged in the merchant wholesale distribution of horses and mules are classified in Industry 424590, Other Farm Product Raw Material Merchant Wholesalers.
Index Entries for 424520
424520424520424520Auction markets, livestock (except horses, mules), merchant wholesalers
424520424520424520Cattle merchant wholesalers
424520424520424520Goats merchant wholesalers
424520424520424520Hogs merchant wholesalers
424520424520424520Livestock (except horses, mules, and feedlots) merchant wholesalers
424520424520424520Sheep merchant wholesalers
424520424520424520Swine merchant wholesalers