NAICS Code Description

423520 - Coal and Other Mineral and Ore Merchant Wholesalers

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Pure Energy Coal LLCUmicore USA Inc
United Coal Company LLCDTE Coal Services Inc
Integrity Coal Sales IncRobindale Energy Services Inc
Oxbow Carbn Mnrl Holdings IncPeabody Coalsales LLC
Sprague Oprating Resources LLCWolverine Fuels LLC

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the merchant wholesale distribution of coal, coke, metal ores, and/or nonmetallic minerals (except precious and semiprecious stones and minerals used in construction, such as sand and gravel).

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Merchant wholesale distribution of nonmetallic minerals used in construction, such as sand and gravel--are classified in Industry 423320, Brick, Stone, and Related Construction Material Merchant Wholesalers;
  • Merchant wholesale distribution of crude petroleum--are classified in Industry Group 4247, Petroleum and Petroleum Products Merchant Wholesalers; and
  • Merchant wholesale distribution of precious and semiprecious stones and metals--are classified in Industry 423940, Jewelry, Watch, Precious Stone, and Precious Metal Merchant Wholesalers.
Index Entries for 423520
423520423520423520Bauxite merchant wholesalers
423520423520423520Coal dust merchant wholesalers
423520423520423520Coal merchant wholesalers
423520423520423520Coke merchant wholesalers
423520423520423520Concentrates, metallic, merchant wholesalers
423520423520423520Fuel, coal and coke, merchant wholesalers
423520423520423520Fuller's earth merchant wholesalers
423520423520423520Magnesium ores merchant wholesalers
423520423520423520Metal ores merchant wholesalers
423520423520423520Metallic concentrates merchant wholesalers
423520423520423520Minerals (except construction materials, petroleum) merchant wholesalers
423520423520423520Nonmetallic minerals (except precious and semiprecious stones and minerals used in construction, such as sand and gravel)
423520423520423520Nonmetallic ores merchant wholesalers
423520423520423520Ore concentrates merchant wholesalers
423520423520423520Ores (e.g., gold, iron, lead, silver, zinc) merchant wholesalers
423520423520423520Precious metal ores merchant wholesalers