NAICS Code Description

316998 - All Other Leather Good and Allied Product Manufacturing

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Tapestry IncRoyal Case Company Inc
AM Retail Group IncEagle Creek Inc
Tumi Holdings IncCustom Leathercraft Mfg LLC
Speculative Product Design LLCJaclyn LLC
Ariat International IncJaclyn Holdings Parent LLC

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing leather products (except footwear, handbags, purses, and apparel) from purchased leather or leather substitutes (e.g., fabric, plastics).

Illustrative Examples:

Billfolds, all materials, manufacturing
Boot and shoe cut stock and findings, leather, manufacturing
Coin purses (except metal) manufacturing
Dog furnishings (e.g., collars, leashes, harnesses, muzzles) manufacturing
Key cases (except metal) manufacturing
Leather belting for machinery (e.g., flat, solid, twisted, built-up) manufacturing
Luggage, all materials, manufacturing
Shoe soles, leather, manufacturing
Toilet kits and cases (except metal) manufacturing
Watch bands (except metal) manufacturing
Welders' jackets, leggings, and sleeves, leather, manufacturing

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing handbags and purses--are classified in U.S. Industry 316992, Women’s Handbag and Purse Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing leather apparel--are classified in Industry 315280, Other Cut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing leather gloves, mittens, belts, and apparel accessories--are classified in Industry 315990, Apparel Accessories and Other Apparel Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing footwear--are classified in Industry 316210, Footwear Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing nonleather soles--are classified elsewhere based on the primary input material;
  • Manufacturing small articles made of metal carried on or about the person--are classified in Industry 339910, Jewelry and Silverware Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing leather gaskets--are classified in U.S. Industry 339991, Gasket, Packing, and Sealing Device Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 316998
316999316998316998Aprons for textile machinery, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Aprons, leather (e.g., blacksmith's, welder's), manufacturing
316991316998316998Attache cases, all materials, manufacturing
316991316998316998Bags (i.e., luggage), all materials, manufacturing
316991316998316998Bags, athletic, manufacturing
316999316998316998Belt laces, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Belting for machinery, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Belts, leather safety, manufacturing
316993316998316998Billfolds, all materials, manufacturing
316991316998316998Binocular cases manufacturing
316999316998316998Blacksmith's aprons, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Boot and shoe cut stock and findings, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Bows, shoe, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Box toes (i.e., shoe cut stock), leather, manufacturing
316991316998316998Boxes, hat (except paper or paperboard), manufacturing
316999316998316998Boxes, leather, manufacturing
316991316998316998Briefcases, all materials, manufacturing
316991316998316998Camera carrying bags, all materials, manufacturing
316999316998316998Caps, heel and toe, leather, manufacturing
316993316998316998Card cases (except metal) manufacturing
316993316998316998Cases, jewelry (except metal), manufacturing
316991316998316998Cases, luggage, manufacturing
316991316998316998Cases, musical instrument, manufacturing
316993316998316998Checkbook covers (except metal) manufacturing
316993316998316998Cigar cases (except metal) manufacturing
316993316998316998Cigarette cases (except metal) manufacturing
316999316998316998Clasps, shoe (leather), manufacturing
316993316998316998Coin purses (except metal) manufacturing
316999316998316998Collars and collar pads (i.e., harness) manufacturing
316999316998316998Collars, dog, manufacturing
316993316998316998Comb cases (except metal) manufacturing
316993316998316998Compacts, solid leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Corners, luggage, leather, manufacturing
316993316998316998Cosmetic bags (except metal) manufacturing
316999316998316998Counters (i.e., shoe cut stock), leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Crops, riding, manufacturing
316999316998316998Cut stock for boots and shoes manufacturing
316999316998316998Desk sets, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Dog furnishings (e.g., collars, harnesses, leashes, muzzles) manufacturing
316993316998316998Eyeglass cases, all materials, manufacturing
316999316998316998Feed bags for horses manufacturing
316999316998316998Findings, boot and shoe, manufacturing
316993316998316998Handbags (except metal), men's, manufacturing
316999316998316998Handles (e.g., luggage, whip), leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Harnesses and harness parts, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Harnesses, dog, manufacturing
316999316998316998Heel caps, leather or metal, manufacturing
316999316998316998Heel lifts, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Heels, boot and shoe, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Holsters, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Horse boots and muzzles manufacturing
316999316998316998Inner soles, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Jackets, welder's, leather, manufacturing
316993316998316998Key cases (except metal) manufacturing
316999316998316998Laces (e.g., shoe), leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Lashes (i.e., whips) manufacturing
316999316998316998Leashes, dog, manufacturing
316999316998316998Leather belting manufacturing
316999316998316998Leather cut stock for shoe and boot manufacturing
316993316998316998Leather goods, small personal (e.g., coin purses, eyeglass cases, key cases), manufacturing
316991316998316998Leather luggage manufacturing
316999316998316998Leather welting manufacturing
316999316998316998Leggings, welder's, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Lifts, heel, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Linings, boot and shoe, leather, manufacturing
316991316998316998Luggage, all materials, manufacturing
316999316998316998Mill strapping for textile mills, leather, manufacturing
316991316998316998Musical instrument cases, all materials, manufacturing
316999316998316998Novelties, leather (e.g., cigarette lighter covers, key fobs), manufacturing
316999316998316998Pegs, leather shoe, manufacturing
316993316998316998Personal leather goods (e.g., coin purses, eyeglass cases, key cases), small, manufacturing
316993316998316998Purses (except precious metal), men's, manufacturing
316999316998316998Quarters (i.e., shoe cut stock), leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Rands (i.e., shoe cut stock), leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Razor strops manufacturing
316999316998316998Riding crops manufacturing
316999316998316998Saddles and parts, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Safety belts, leather, manufacturing
316991316998316998Sample cases, all materials, manufacturing
316991316998316998Satchels, all materials, manufacturing
316999316998316998Seatbelts, leather, manufacturing
316993316998316998Sewing cases (except metal) manufacturing
316999316998316998Shanks, shoe, leather, manufacturing
316991316998316998Shoe kits (i.e., cases), all materials, manufacturing
316999316998316998Shoe soles, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Sleeves, welder's, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Soles, boot and shoe, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Spats, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Stays, shoe, leather, manufacturing
31699316998316998Straps, leather, manufacturing
316993316998316998Straps, watch (except metal), manufacturing
316991316998316998Suitcases, all materials, manufacturing
316999316998316998Taps, shoe, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Textile leathers (e.g., apron picker leather, mill strapping) manufacturing
316999316998316998Tips, shoe, leather, manufacturing
316993316998316998Tobacco pouches (except metal) manufacturing
316999316998316998Toe caps, leather, manufacturing
316993316998316998Toilet kits and cases (except metal) manufacturing
316999316998316998Tongues, boot and shoe, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Top lifts, boot and shoe, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Transmission belting, leather, manufacturing
316991316998316998Traveling bags, all materials, manufacturing
316999316998316998Trimmings, shoe, leather, manufacturing
316991316998316998Trunks (i.e., luggage), all materials, manufacturing
316999316998316998Uppers (i.e., shoe cut stock), leather, manufacturing
316991316998316998Valises, all materials, manufacturing
316999316998316998Vamps, leather, manufacturing
316993316998316998Vanity cases, leather, manufacturing
316993316998316998Wallets (except metal) manufacturing
316991316998316998Wardrobe bags (i.e., luggage) manufacturing
316993316998316998Watch bands (except metal) manufacturing
316999316998316998Welders' aprons, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Welders' jackets, leggings, and sleeves, leather, manufacturing
316999316998316998Whips, horse, manufacturing
316999316998316998Whipstocks manufacturing