NAICS Code Description

238990 - All Other Specialty Trade Contractors

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API Group CorporationKeller Management Services LLC
Belfor Holdings IncExcel Mdular Scaffold Lsg Corp
Belfor USA Group IncShared Brand Services LLC
Clean Hrbors Es Indus Svcs IncHeritage Pool Supply Group Inc
Brand Industrial Services IncBarnhill Contracting Company

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in specialized trades (except foundation, structure, and building exterior contractors; building equipment contractors; building finishing contractors; and site preparation contractors). The specialty trade work performed includes new work, additions, alterations, maintenance, and repairs.

Illustrative Examples:

Billboard erection
Outdoor swimming pool construction
Cleaning building interiors during and immediately after construction
Paver, brick (e.g., driveway, patio, sidewalk), installation
Crane rental with operator
Paving, residential and commercial driveway and parking lot
Sandblasting building exteriors
Fence installation
Scaffold erecting and dismantling
Interlocking brick and block installation
Steeplejack work
Manufactured (mobile) home set up and tie-down work
Driveway paving or sealing

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Foundation, structure, and building exterior work--are classified in Industry Group 2381, Foundation, Structure, and Building Exterior Contractors;
  • Installing, repairing, or maintaining building mechanical systems--are classified in Industry Group 2382, Building Equipment Contractors;
  • Finishing buildings--are classified in Industry Group 2383, Building Finishing Contractors;
  • Paving public highways, streets, and roads--are classified in Industry 237310, Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction;
  • Construction equipment rental with an operator (except cranes) or preparing land for building construction--are classified in Industry 238910, Site Preparation Contractors;
  • Construction equipment rental without an operator--are classified in U.S. Industry 532412, Construction, Mining, and Forestry Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing;
  • Radon testing--are classified in Industry 541380, Testing Laboratories;
  • Power washing and other building exterior cleaning (except sandblasting)--are classified in Industry 561790, Other Services to Buildings and Dwellings; and
  • Environmental remediation work, such as asbestos abatement--are classified in Industry 562910, Remediation Services.
Index Entries for 238990
238990238990238990Artificial turf installation
238990238990238990Asphalt coating and sealing, residential and commercial parking lot and driveway
238990238990238990Asphalting, residential and commercial driveway and parking area
238990238990238990Billboard erection
238990238990238990Blacktop work, residential and commercial driveway and parking area
238990238990238990Boat lift installation
238990238990238990Brick driveway contractors
238990238990238990Brick paver (e.g., driveways, patios, sidewalks) installation
238990238990238990Cable splicing (except electrical or fiber optic)
238990238990238990Chain link fence installation
238990238990238990Cleaning building interiors during and immediately after construction
238990238990238990Cleaning new building interiors immediately after construction
238990238990238990Concrete patio construction
238990238990238990Concrete paving, residential and commercial driveway and parking area
238990238990238990Concrete sawing and drilling (except demolition)
238990238990238990Construction elevator (i.e., temporary use during construction) erection and dismantling
238990238990238990Crane rental with operator
238990238990238990Culvert, concrete, residential and commercial paved area
238990238990238990Curb and gutter construction, residential and commercial driveway and parking area, concrete
238990238990238990Driveway paving or sealing
238990238990238990Fence installation (except electronic containment fencing for pets)
238990238990238990Fencing contractors (except electronic containment fencing for pets)
238990238990238990Flagpole installation
238990238990238990House moving (i.e., raising from one site, moving, and placing on a new foundation)
238990238990238990Interlocking brick and block installation
238990238990238990Mail box units, outdoor, multiple box-type, erection
238990238990238990Manufactured (mobile) home set up and tie-down work
238990238990238990Parking lot paving and sealing
238990238990238990Patio construction
238990238990238990Paver, brick (e.g., driveway, patio, sidewalk), installation
238990238990238990Paving, residential and commercial driveway and parking lot
238990238990238990Playground equipment installation
238990238990238990Pole (e.g., telephone) removal
238990238990238990Posthole digging
238990238990238990Radon gas alleviation contractors
238990238990238990Safety net system, erecting and dismantling at construction site
238990238990238990Sandblasting, building exterior
238990238990238990Scaffold erecting and dismantling
238990238990238990Shoring, construction
238990238990238990Sidewalk construction, residential and commercial
238990238990238990Sign (except on highways, streets, bridges and tunnels) erection
238990238990238990Sign, building, erection
238990238990238990Statue erection
238990238990238990Steeplejack work
238990238990238990Street, interlocking brick (i.e., not mortared), installation
238990238990238990Swimming pool screen enclosure construction
238990238990238990Swimming pool, outdoor, construction
238990238990238990Tank lining contractors
238990238990238990Turf, artificial, installation
238990238990238990Underpinning, construction