NAICS Code Description

561790 - Other Services to Buildings and Dwellings

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Pentagon Tech Group IncCRS Facility Services LLC
Envirovac Holdings LLCPlastiflex Company Inc
American Pool Enterprises IncWaste Partners Envmtl Inc
Authority Brands LLCEnviromatic Corp of America
Averus IncColt Services LP

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing services to buildings and dwellings (except exterminating and pest control; janitorial; landscaping care and maintenance; and carpet and upholstery cleaning).

Illustrative Examples:

Building exterior cleaning services (except sandblasting, window cleaning)
Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services
Chimney cleaning services
Ventilation duct cleaning services
Drain or gutter cleaning services

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Providing exterminating and pest control services--are classified in Industry 561710, Exterminating and Pest Control Services;
  • Providing janitorial services--are classified in Industry 561720, Janitorial Services;
  • Providing landscaping care and maintenance--are classified in Industry 561730, Landscaping Services;
  • Providing carpet and upholstery cleaning services--are classified in Industry 561740, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services; and
  • Sandblasting building exteriors--are classified in Industry 238990, All Other Specialty Trade Contractors.
Index Entries for 561790
561790561790561790Building exterior cleaning services (except sandblasting, window cleaning)
561790561790561790Building gas systems conversion (e.g., from manufactured to natural gas) services
561790561790561790Chimney cleaning services
561790561790561790Chimney sweep (i.e., cleaning) services
561790561790561790Cleaning (e.g., power sweeping, washing) driveways and parking lots
561790561790561790Cleaning building exteriors (except sandblasting, window cleaning)
561790561790561790Cleaning swimming pools
561790561790561790Drain cleaning services
561790561790561790Driveway cleaning (e.g., power sweeping, washing) services
561790561790561790Duct cleaning services
561790561790561790Gutter cleaning services
561790561790561790Lighting maintenance services (e.g., bulb and fuse replacement and cleaning)
561790561790561790Parking lot cleaning (e.g., power sweeping, washing) services
561790561790561790Power washing building exteriors
561790561790561790Pressure washing (e.g., buildings, decks, fences)
561790561790561790Snow plowing driveways and parking lots (i.e., not combined with any other service)
561790561790561790Steam cleaning building exteriors
561790561790561790Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services
561790561790561790Ventilation duct cleaning services