NAICS Code Description

111332 - Grape Vineyards

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Moet Hennessy Usa IncBtv Crown Equities Inc
ONeill Beverages Co LLCSonoma-Cutrer Vineyards Inc
Scheid Vineyards IncAnthony Vineyards Inc
Lamanuzzi & Pantaleo LLCMendocino Land Company Inc
Kvl Holdings IncKautz Vineyards Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in growing grapes and/or growing grapes to sun dry into raisins.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Drying grapes artificially--are classified in U.S. Industry 311423, Dried and Dehydrated Food Manufacturing; and
  • Growing grapes in combination with tree nut(s) with the grapes or family of tree nuts not accounting for one-half of the establishment's agricultural production (i.e., value of crops for market)--are classified in U.S. Industry 111336, Fruit and Tree Nut Combination Farming.
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111332111332111332Grape farming without making wine
111332111332111332Raisin farming