NAICS Code Description

713120 - Amusement Arcades

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Light & Wonder IncFernandez Entertainment Inc
Riot Games IncFun Factory Inc
Nickels and Dimes IncorporatedGrover Gaming Inc
Maverick Gaming LLCPremier Amusements Inc
United Coin Machine CoD & R Star Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in operating amusement (except gambling, billiard, or pool) arcades and parlors.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Supplying and servicing coin-operated amusement (except gambling) devices in places of business operated by others or in operating billiard or pool parlors--are classified in Industry 713990, All Other Amusement and Recreation Industries;
  • Operating bingo, off-track betting, or slot machine parlors or in supplying and servicing coin-operated gambling devices (e.g., slot machines or video gambling terminals) in places of business operated by others--are classified in Industry 713290, Other Gambling Industries;
  • Operating casinos (except casino hotels)--are classified in Industry 713210, Casinos (except Casino Hotels); and
  • Operating casino hotels--are classified in Industry 721120, Casino Hotels.
Index Entries for 713120
713120713120713120Amusement arcades
713120713120713120Amusement device (except gambling) parlors, coin-operated
713120713120713120Amusement devices (except gambling) operated in own facilities
713120713120713120Arcades, amusement
713120713120713120Electronic game arcades
713120713120713120Family fun centers
713120713120713120Game rooms (except gambling)
713120713120713120Indoor play areas
713120713120713120Pinball arcades
713120713120713120Video game arcades (except gambling)