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562119 - Other Waste Collection

Top Businesses by Revenue for 562119:

Waste Management Indiana LLCLombardIL
Liquid Envmtl Sltons Texas LLCIrvingTX
Cliff Berry IncFort LauderdaleFL
Prism Sanitation MGT LLCAuroraCO
Beaver Oil Co IncHodgkinsIL
Enwater Solutions LLCMidlandTX
Southwaste Services IncHoustonTX
Eq Detroit IncDetroitMI
Hagan Holding CompanySaint PetersburgFL
Hydro Management ServicesClemmonsNC

562119 - Other Waste Collection

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in collecting and/or hauling waste (except nonhazardous solid waste and hazardous waste) within a local area. Establishments engaged in brush or rubble removal services are included in this industry.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Long-distance trucking of waste--are classified in Industry 484230, Specialized Freight (except Used Goods) Trucking, Long-Distance;
  • Collecting and/or hauling in combination with disposal of waste materials--are classified in Industry Group 5622, Waste Treatment and Disposal;
  • Collecting and/or hauling nonhazardous solid waste (i.e., garbage) or mixed recyclable materials within a local area or operating nonhazardous solid waste transfer stations--are classified in U.S. Industry 562111, Solid Waste Collection;
  • Collecting and/or hauling hazardous waste within a local area or operating hazardous waste transfer stations--are classified in U.S. Industry 562112, Hazardous Waste Collection; and
  • Operating facilities for separating and sorting recyclable materials from nonhazardous waste streams (i.e., garbage) and/or for sorting commingled recyclable materials, such as paper, plastics, and metal cans, into distinct categories--are classified in Industry 562920, Materials Recovery Facilities.
Index Entries for 562119
562119562119562119Brush collection services
562119562119562119Brush hauling, local
562119562119562119Brush removal services
562119562119562119Debris removal services
562119562119562119Dump trucking of rubble or brush with collection or disposal
562119562119562119Rubble hauling, local
562119562119562119Rubble removal services
562119562119562119Waste (except solid and hazardous) collection services
562119562119562119Waste (except solid and hazardous) hauling, local