NAICS Code Description

532120 - Truck, Utility Trailer, and RV (Recreational Vehicle) Rental and Leasing

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AmercoRyder Truck Rental Inc
Willscot MBL Mini Hldings CorpRyder Integrated Logistics Inc
Penske Truck Leasing CorpSalem Holding Company
Penske Truck Leasing Co LPAim Leasing Company
U-Haul International IncFirst Group Investment Partnr

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in renting or leasing, without drivers, one or more of the following: trucks, truck tractors, buses, semi-trailers, utility trailers, or RVs (recreational vehicles).

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Renting recreational goods, such as pleasure boats, canoes, motorcycles, mopeds, or bicycles--are classified in U.S. Industry 532284, Recreational Goods Rental;
  • Renting or leasing farm tractors, industrial equipment, and industrial trucks, such as forklifts and other material handling equipment--are classified in Industry 532490, Other Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing;
  • Renting or leasing mobile home sites--are classified in Industry 531190, Lessors of Other Real Estate Property;
  • Retailing vehicles commonly referred to as RVs through sales or lease arrangements--are classified in Industry 441210, Recreational Vehicle Dealers; and
  • Leasing trucks, utility trailers, and RVs in combination with providing loans to buyers of such vehicles--are classified in Sector 52, Finance and Insurance.
Index Entries for 532120
532120532120532120Bus rental or leasing
532120532120532120Camper rental
532120532120532120Dump truck rental or leasing without operator
532120532120532120Mobile home rental, off-site
532120532120532120Motor home rental, off-site
532120532120532120Popup camper rental
532120532120532120Recreational trailer rental
532120532120532120Recreational vehicle (RV) rental or leasing
532120532120532120RV (recreational vehicle) rental or leasing
532120532120532120School bus rental or leasing
532120532120532120Semi-trailer rental or leasing
532120532120532120Trailer rental or leasing
532120532120532120Truck (except industrial) rental or leasing
532120532120532120Truck tractor rental or leasing without driver
532120532120532120Utility trailer rental or leasing
532120532120532120Van (except passenger) rental or leasing without driver