NAICS Code Description

523140 - Commodity Contracts Brokerage

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UBS Securities LLCGep Agricultural Trading LLC
Fcstone Group IncHeartland Trading Inc
Gerald Holdings LLCStandard Group
Hansen-Mueller CoHurley and Associates Inc
ADM Investor Services IncAdvance Trading Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in acting as agents (i.e., brokers) in buying or selling spot or futures commodity contracts or options on a commission or transaction fee basis.

Illustrative Examples:

Commodity contracts brokerages
Financial futures brokerages
Commodity futures brokerages

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Acting as principals in buying or selling spot or futures commodity contracts generally on a spread basis--are classified in Industry 523130, Commodity Contracts Dealing; and
  • Buying and selling physical commodities for resale to other than the general public--are classified in Sector 42, Wholesale Trade.
Index Entries for 523140
523140523140523140Brokerages, commodity contracts
523140523140523140Commodity contract pool operators
523140523140523140Commodity contracts brokerages
523140523140523140Commodity contracts brokers' offices
523140523140523140Commodity contracts floor brokers
523140523140523140Commodity contracts options brokerages
523140523140523140Commodity futures brokerages
523140523140523140Financial futures brokerages
523140523140523140Foreign currency exchange brokering services
523140523140523140Futures commodity contracts brokerages
523140523140523140Futures commodity contracts brokers' offices