NAICS Code Description

488390 - Other Support Activities for Water Transportation

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Matson IncAqua Terra Water Management LP
Detyens Shipyards IncMain Industries Inc
New York State Canal CorpU S Marine Corporation
Interntnal Mar Indus ApplctorsZapata Gulf Marine LLC
Esco Marine IncT T Barge Svcs Mile 237 LLC

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing services to water transportation (except port and harbor operations; marine cargo handling services; and navigational services to shipping).

Illustrative Examples:

Floating drydocks (i.e., routine repair and maintenance of ships)
Ship scaling services
Marine cargo checkers and surveyors

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Ship painting--are classified in Industry 238320, Painting and Wall Covering Contractors;
  • Providing ship janitorial services--are classified in Industry 561720, Janitorial Services;
  • Operating port, harbor, or canal facilities--are classified in Industry 488310, Port and Harbor Operations;
  • Providing dredging services--are classified in Industry 237990, Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction;
  • Providing stevedoring and other marine cargo handling services--are classified in Industry 488320, Marine Cargo Handling;
  • Providing navigational services to shipping--are classified in Industry 488330, Navigational Services to Shipping; and
  • Providing ship overhauling or repairs in a shipyard--are classified in U.S. Industry 336611, Ship Building and Repairing.
Index Entries for 488390
488390488390488390Cargo checkers, marine
488390488390488390Cargo surveyors, marine
488390488390488390Drydocks, floating (i.e., routine repair and maintenance of ships)
488390488390488390Marine cargo checkers and surveyors
488390488390488390Ship dismantling at floating drydock
488390488390488390Ship scaling services not done at a shipyard