NAICS Code Description

237990 - Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

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Bechtel Group IncFlatiron Holding Inc
Halliburton Delaware IncCianbro Companies
Brightview Companies LLCS & B Engineers & Constrs Ltd
Kbr Holdings LLCGreat Lakes Dredge Dock Co LLC
McDermott Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in heavy and civil engineering construction projects (excluding highway, street, bridge, and distribution line construction). The work performed may include new work, reconstruction, rehabilitation, and repairs. Specialty trade contractors are included in this industry if they are engaged in activities primarily related to heavy and civil engineering construction projects (excluding highway, street, bridge, distribution line, oil and gas structure, and utilities building and structure construction). Construction projects involving water resources (e.g., dredging and land drainage), development of marine facilities, and projects involving open space improvement (e.g., parks and trails) are included in this industry.

Illustrative Examples:

Channel construction
Land drainage contractors
Dam construction
Marine construction
Dock construction
Microtunneling contractors
Dredging (e.g., canal, channel, ditch, waterway)
Nuclear waste disposal site construction
Earth retention system construction
Park ground and recreational open space improvement construction
Flood control project construction
Railroad construction
Golf course construction
Subway construction
Horizontal drilling (e.g., cable, pipeline, sewer installation)
Trenching, underwater
Hydroelectric generating station construction
Tunnel construction

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Constructing water mains, sewers, and related structures--are classified in Industry 237110, Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction;
  • Constructing oil and gas pipelines and related structures--are classified in Industry 237120, Oil and Gas Pipeline and Related Structures Construction;
  • Constructing power and communication transmission lines and related structures--are classified in Industry 237130, Power and Communication Line and Related Structures Construction;
  • Constructing highways, streets, and bridges--are classified in Industry 237310, Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction;
  • Trenching (except underwater) or removing dams, dikes, and other heavy and civil engineering constructions--are classified in Industry 238910, Site Preparation Contractors; and
  • Inspecting pipelines--are classified in Industry 541990, All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services.
Index Entries for 237990
237990237990237990Anchored earth retention contractors
237990237990237990Athletic field (except stadium) construction
237990237990237990Avalanche, rockslide, mudslide, or roadside protection construction
237990237990237990Breakwater construction
237990237990237990Bridle path construction
237990237990237990Bulkhead wall or embarkment construction
237990237990237990Caisson (i.e., marine or pneumatic structures) construction
237990237990237990Canal construction
237990237990237990Channel construction
237990237990237990Cofferdam construction
237990237990237990Construction management, dam
237990237990237990Construction management, marine structure
237990237990237990Construction management, mass transit
237990237990237990Construction management, outdoor recreation facility
237990237990237990Construction management, tunnel
237990237990237990Cribbing (i.e., shore protection), construction
237990237990237990Dam construction
237990237990237990Dike and other flood control structure construction
237990237990237990Dock construction
237990237990237990Drainage canal and ditch construction
237990237990237990Drainage project construction
237990237990237990Dredging (e.g., canal, channel, ditch, waterway)
237990237990237990Drive-in movie facility construction
237990237990237990Earth retention system construction
237990237990237990Earth-filled dam construction
237990237990237990Electricity generating plant, hydroelectric, construction
237990237990237990Embankment construction
237990237990237990Farm drainage tile installation
237990237990237990Flood control project construction
237990237990237990Floodway canal and ditch construction
237990237990237990Gabion construction
237990237990237990Golf course construction
237990237990237990Harbor construction
237990237990237990Horizontal drilling (e.g., underground cable, pipeline, sewer installation)
237990237990237990Hydroelectric generating facility construction
237990237990237990Ice rink (except indoor) construction
237990237990237990Jetty construction
237990237990237990Land drainage contractors
237990237990237990Levee construction
237990237990237990Light rail system construction
237990237990237990Lock and waterway construction
237990237990237990Marine construction
237990237990237990Microtunneling contractors
237990237990237990Missile facility construction
237990237990237990Monorail construction
237990237990237990Nuclear waste disposal site construction
237990237990237990Outdoor recreation facility construction
237990237990237990Park and recreational open space improvement construction
237990237990237990Pier construction
237990237990237990Pile driving, marine
237990237990237990Pipe-jacking contractors
237990237990237990Playground construction
237990237990237990Port facility construction
237990237990237990Power plant, hydroelectric, construction
237990237990237990Railroad construction
237990237990237990Railway construction (e.g., interlocker, roadbed, signal, track)
237990237990237990Railway roadbed construction
237990237990237990Recreation area, open space, construction
237990237990237990Recreational vehicle park construction
237990237990237990Retaining walls, anchored (e.g., with piles, soil nails, tieback anchors), construction
237990237990237990Revetment construction
237990237990237990Riprap installation
237990237990237990Rock removal, underwater
237990237990237990Seawall, wave protection, construction
237990237990237990Sediment control system construction
237990237990237990Ski tow construction
237990237990237990Spillway, floodwater, construction
237990237990237990Sports field construction
237990237990237990Streetcar line construction
237990237990237990Subway construction
237990237990237990Tennis courts, outdoor, construction
237990237990237990Timber removal, underwater
237990237990237990Trail construction
237990237990237990Trenching, underwater
237990237990237990Tunnel construction
237990237990237990Wharf construction