NAICS Code Description

237130 - Power and Communication Line and Related Structures Construction

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Dycom Industries IncMatrix North Amercn Cnstr Inc
Myr Group IncIrby Construction Company
Ansco & Associates LLCStar Construction LLC
Houston North Pole Line L PDepcom Power Inc
Utiliquest LLCPower Line Services Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the construction of power lines and towers, power plants, and radio, television, and telecommunications transmitting/receiving towers. The work performed may include new work, reconstruction, rehabilitation, and repairs. Specialty trade contractors are included in this industry if they are engaged in activities primarily related to power and communication line and related structures construction. All structures (including buildings) that are integral parts of power and communication networks (e.g., transmitting towers, substations, and power plants) are included.

Illustrative Examples:

Alternative energy (e.g., geothermal, ocean wave, solar, wind) structure construction
Power line stringing
Cellular phone tower construction
Radio transmitting tower construction
Co-generation plant construction
Satellite receiving station construction
Communication tower construction
Nuclear power plant construction
Telephone line stringing
Electric light and power plant (except hydroelectric) construction
Transformer station and substation, electric power, construction
Electric power transmission line and tower construction
Underground cable (e.g., cable television, electricity, telephone) laying

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Constructing hydroelectric generating facilities--are classified in Industry 237990, Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction;
  • Constructing broadcast studios and similar nonresidential buildings--are classified in Industry 236220, Commercial and Institutional Building Construction;
  • Performing electrical work within buildings--are classified in Industry 238210, Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors;
  • Line slashing or cutting (except maintenance)--are classified in Industry 238910, Site Preparation Contractors;
  • Installing and maintaining communication transmission lines performed by telecommunications companies--are classified in Subsector 517, Telecommunications;
  • Locating underground utility lines prior to digging--are classified in Industry 561990, All Other Support Services; and
  • Tree and brush trimming for overhead utility lines--are classified in Industry 561730, Landscaping Services.
Index Entries for 237130
237130237130237130Alternative energy (e.g., geothermal, ocean wave, solar, wind) structure construction
237130237130237130Cable laying (e.g., cable television, electricity, marine, telephone), including underground
237130237130237130Cellular phone tower construction
237130237130237130Co-generation plant construction
237130237130237130Communication antenna construction
237130237130237130Communication tower construction
237130237130237130Construction management, power and communication transmission line
237130237130237130Electric light and power plant (except hydroelectric) construction
237130237130237130Electric power transmission line and tower construction
237130237130237130Electricity generating plant (except hydroelectric) construction
237130237130237130Fiber optic cable transmission line construction
237130237130237130Microwave relay tower construction
237130237130237130Nuclear power plant construction
237130237130237130Pole line construction
237130237130237130Power line stringing
237130237130237130Power plant (except hydroelectric) construction
237130237130237130Radio transmitting tower construction
237130237130237130Satellite receiving station construction
237130237130237130Solar power structure construction
237130237130237130Substation and switching station, power transmission line, construction
237130237130237130Telephone line construction
237130237130237130Telephone line stringing
237130237130237130Television transmitting tower construction
237130237130237130Thermal power plant construction
237130237130237130Tower, power distribution and communication, construction
237130237130237130Transformer station and substation, electric power, construction
237130237130237130Transmission and distribution line construction
237130237130237130Underground cable (e.g., cable television, electricity, telephone) laying
237130237130237130Utility line (i.e., communication, electric power), construction
237130237130237130Wind power structure construction