NAICS Code Description

334290 - Other Communications Equipment Manufacturing

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Lumentum Holdings IncElectronic Controls Company
AVI-Spl Holdings IncKidde Fire Protection Inc
Alstom Signaling Operation LLCVocera Communications Inc
Esco Technologies IncLifeline Systems Company
Telephonics CorporationBrk Brands Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing communications equipment (except telephone apparatus, radio and television broadcast equipment, and wireless communications equipment).

Illustrative Examples:

Fire detection and alarm systems manufacturing
Signals (e.g., highway, pedestrian, railway, traffic) manufacturing
Intercom systems and equipment manufacturing
Video-based stadium displays manufacturing

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing telephone apparatus--are classified in Industry 334210, Telephone Apparatus Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing radio and television broadcast and wireless communications equipment (except wireless intercoms)--are classified in Industry 334220, Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing automobile audio and related equipment--are classified in Industry 334310, Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 334290
334290334290334290334290Alarm system central monitoring equipment manufacturing
334290334290334290334290Alarm systems and equipment manufacturing
334290334290334290334290Automotive theft alarm systems manufacturing
334290334290334290334290Burglar alarm systems and equipment manufacturing
334290334290334290334290Car alarm manufacturing
334290334290334290334290Carbon monoxide detectors manufacturing
334290334290334290334290Controlling equipment, street light, manufacturing
334290334290334290334290Fire detection and alarm systems manufacturing
334290334290334290334290Glass breakage detection and signaling devices
334290334290334290334290Intercom systems and equipment manufacturing
334290334290334290334290Motion alarms (e.g., swimming pool, perimeter) manufacturing
334290334290334290334290Motion detectors, security system, manufacturing
334290334290334290334290Portable intrusion detection and signaling devices manufacturing
334290334290334290334290Railroad signaling equipment manufacturing
334290334290334290334290Remote control units (e.g., garage door, television) manufacturing
334290334290334290334290Signals (e.g., highway, pedestrian, railway, traffic) manufacturing
334290334290334290334290Sirens (e.g., air raid, industrial, marine, vehicle) manufacturing
334290334290334290334290Smoke detectors manufacturing
334290334290334290334290Theft prevention signaling devices (e.g., door entrance annunciation, holdup signaling devices, personal duress signaling devices), manufacturing
334290334290334290334290Traffic advisory and signalling systems manufacturing
334290334290334290334290Traffic signals manufacturing
334290334290334290334290Video-based stadium displays manufacturing