NAICS Code Description

33331 - Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing

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KLA CorporationClover Technologies Group LLC
Pitney Bowes IncEvoqua Water Technologies Corp
Middleby CorporationBubbles Holdings LP
Ii-VI IncorporatedLeslies Inc
Welbilt IncCricut Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing commercial and service industry machinery, such as optical instruments, photographic and photocopying equipment, automatic vending machinery, commercial laundry and drycleaning machinery, office machinery, automotive maintenance equipment (except mechanics' handtools), and commercial-type cooking equipment.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing household-type appliances--are classified in Industry Group 3352, Household Appliance Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing computer and peripheral equipment (including point-of-sale terminals and automatic teller machines (ATMs))--are classified in Industry 33411, Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing facsimile equipment--are classified in Industry 33421, Telephone Apparatus Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing time clocks, time stamps, and electron and proton microscopes--are classified in Industry 33451, Navigational, Measuring, Electromedical, and Control Instruments Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing pencil sharpeners and staplers--are classified in Industry 33994, Office Supplies (except Paper) Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing sensitized film, paper, cloth, and plates, and prepared photographic chemicals--are classified in Industry 32599, All Other Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing ophthalmic focus lenses--are classified in Industry 33911, Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing television and video cameras--are classified in Subsector 334, Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing coin-operated arcade games--are classified in Industry 33999, All Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing mechanics' handtools--are classified in Industry 33221, Cutlery and Handtool Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing molded plastics lens blanks--are classified in Industry 32619, Other Plastics Product Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing molded glass lens blanks--are classified in Industry 32721, Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing.

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