NAICS Code Description

331529 - Other Nonferrous Metal Foundries (except Die-Casting)

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This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in pouring molten nonferrous metals (except aluminum) into molds to manufacture nonferrous castings (except nonferrous die-castings and aluminum castings). Establishments in this industry purchase nonferrous metals, such as copper, nickel, lead, and zinc, made in other establishments.

Cross-references. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing nonferrous die-castings--are classified in U.S. Industry 331523, Nonferrous Metal Die-Casting Foundries;
  • Pouring molten aluminum into molds to manufacture aluminum castings--are classified in U.S. Industry 331524, Aluminum Foundries (except Die-Casting); and
  • Manufacturing nonferrous castings and further manufacturing them into finished products--are classified based on the specific finished product.
Index Entries for 331529
331528331529331529Beryllium castings (except die-castings), unfinished manufacturing
331525331529331529Brass foundries (except die-casting)
331525331529331529Bronze foundries (except die-casting)
33152331529331529Castings (except die-castings), nonferrous metals (except aluminum), unfinished, manufacturing
331525331529331529Copper alloy castings (except die-castings), unfinished, manufacturing
331525331529331529Copper foundries (except die-casting)
33152331529331529Foundries (except die-casting), nonferrous metals (except aluminum)
33152331529331529Investment castings, nonferrous metal (except aluminum), unfinished, manufacturing
331528331529331529Lead castings (except die-castings), unfinished, manufacturing
331528331529331529Magnesium castings (except die-castings), unfinished, manufacturing
331528331529331529Nickel castings (except die-castings), unfinished, manufacturing
33152331529331529Nonferrous metals (except aluminum) foundries (except die-casting)
33152331529331529Nonferrous metals (except aluminum) unfinished castings (except die-castings) manufacturing
33152331529331529Permanent mold castings, nonferrous metal (except aluminum), unfinished, manufacturing
33152331529331529Sand castings, nonferrous metals (except aluminum), unfinished, manufacturing
331525331529331529Ship and boat propellers, cast brass, bronze and copper (except die-casting), unfinished, manufacturing
331528331529331529Titanium castings (except die-castings), unfinished, manufacturing
331528331529331529White metal castings (except die-castings), unfinished, manufacturing
331528331529331529Zinc castings (except die-castings), unfinished, manufacturing

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Impro Industries Usa IncDiamond BarCA
Magotteaux IncFranklinTN
Kellstrom Aerospace Group IncBoca RatonFL
Pacific Cast Technologies IncAlbanyOR
Selmet IncAlbanyOR
Fresno Valves & Castings IncSelmaCA
Bunting Bearings LLCHollandOH
Ehc IncDetroitMI