NAICS Code Description

327211 - Flat Glass Manufacturing

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Pilkington Holdings IncEdmund Optics Inc
Schott CorporationHartung Glass Industries Inc
Viracon IncCustom Glass Solutions LLC
Vitro Flat Glass LLCView Inc
Churchill CompaniesGwla Acquisition Corp

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) manufacturing flat glass by melting silica sand or cullet or (2) manufacturing both flat glass and laminated glass by melting silica sand or cullet.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing laminated glass from purchased flat glass are classified in U.S. Industry 327215, Glass Product Manufacturing Made of Purchased Glass.
Index Entries for 327211
327211327211327211Flat glass (e.g., float, plate) manufacturing
327211327211327211Glass, plate, made in glass making plants
327211327211327211Insulating glass, sealed units, made in glass making plants
327211327211327211Laminated glass made in glass making plants
327211327211327211Stained glass and stained glass products made in glass making plants