NAICS Code Description

326199 - All Other Plastics Product Manufacturing

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Berry Global Group IncRubbermaid Incorporated
Newell Brands IncEntegris Inc
Nypro IncTupperware Brands Corporation
Aptargroup IncAzek Company Inc
Plastipak Holdings IncDenali Incorporated

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing plastics products (except film, sheet, bags, profile shapes, pipes, pipe fittings, laminates, foam products, bottles, and plumbing fixtures).

Illustrative Examples:

Inflatable plastics swimming pool rafts and similar flotation devices manufacturing
Plastics air mattresses manufacturing
Plastics bottle caps and lids manufacturing
Plastics bowls and bowl covers manufacturing
Plastics clothes hangers manufacturing
Plastics cups (except foam) manufacturing
Plastics dinnerware (except foam) manufacturing
Plastics gloves manufacturing
Plastics hardware manufacturing
Plastics siding manufacturing
Plastics trash containers manufacturing
Resilient floor coverings (e.g., sheet, tiles) manufacturing

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing plastics film, plastics unlaminated sheet, and plastics bags--are classified in Industry 32611, Plastics Packaging Materials and Unlaminated Film and Sheet Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing plastics pipes, pipe fittings, and plastics profile shapes (except film, sheet, bags)--are classified in Industry 32612, Plastics Pipe, Pipe Fitting, and Unlaminated Profile Shape Manufacturing;
  • Laminating plastics profile shapes, such as plate, sheet, and rod--are classified in Industry 326130, Laminated Plastics Plate, Sheet (except Packaging), and Shape Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing polystyrene foam products--are classified in Industry 326140, Polystyrene Foam Product Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing foam (except polystyrene) products--are classified in Industry 326150, Urethane and Other Foam Product (except Polystyrene) Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing plastics bottles--are classified in Industry 326160, Plastics Bottle Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing heavy-duty inflatable plastics boats--are classified in U.S. Industry 336612, Boat Building;
  • Manufacturing plastics furniture parts and components--are classified in U.S. Industry 337215, Showcase, Partition, Shelving, and Locker Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing rubber floor mats and rubber treads--are classified in U.S. Industry 326299, All Other Rubber Product Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing plastics plumbing fixtures--are classified in U.S. Industry 326191, Plastics Plumbing Fixture Manufacturing; and
  • Assembling plastics components into plumbing fixture fittings, such as faucets--are classified in U.S. Industry 332913, Plumbing Fixture Fitting and Trim Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 326199
326199326199326199Awnings, rigid plastics or fiberglass, manufacturing
326199326199326199Badges, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Balloons, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Bathroom and toilet accessories, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Bolts, nuts, and rivets, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Bottle caps and lids, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Bowls and bowl covers, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Bubble packaging materials, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Building materials (e.g., fascia, panels, siding, soffit), plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Building panels, corrugated and flat, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Bushings, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Cigar and cigarette holders, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Clothes hangers, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Clothespins, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Combs, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Coolers or ice chests, plastics (except foam), manufacturing
326199326199326199Countertops, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Credit and identification card stock, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Cultured marble products (except plumbing fixtures) manufacturing
326199326199326199Cultured stone products (except plumbing fixtures) manufacturing
326199326199326199Cups, plastics (except foam), manufacturing
326199326199326199Dinnerware, plastics (except polystyrene foam), manufacturing
326199326199326199Doormats, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Doors and door frames, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Drums, plastics (i.e., containers), manufacturing
326192326199326199Floor coverings, linoleum, manufacturing
326192326199326199Floor coverings, resilient, manufacturing
326192326199326199Floor coverings, rubber, manufacturing
326192326199326199Floor coverings, vinyl, manufacturing
326199326199326199Footwear parts (e.g., heels, soles), plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Fruits and vegetables, artificial, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Gloves, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Gutters and down spouts, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Hampers, laundry, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Handles (e.g., brush, tool, umbrella), plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Hardware, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Ice buckets, plastics (except foam), manufacturing
326199326199326199Ice chests or coolers, plastics (except plastics foam), manufacturing
326199326199326199Jars, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Kitchen utensils, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Ladders, fiberglass, manufacturing
326199326199326199Lamp shades, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Lens blanks, plastics ophthalmic or optical, manufacturing
326192326199326199Linoleum floor coverings manufacturing
326199326199326199Mattresses, air, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Microwaveware, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Motor vehicle moldings and extrusions, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Netting, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Nozzles, aerosol spray, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Organizers for closets, drawers, and shelves, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Packaging, plastics (e.g., blister, bubble), manufacturing
326199326199326199Pails, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Paint sticks, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Picnic jugs, plastics (except foam), manufacturing
326199326199326199Prefabricated buildings, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Radio housings, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Reels, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Reflectors, plastics, manufacturing
326192326199326199Resilient floor coverings (e.g., sheet, tile) manufacturing
326192326199326199Rubber floor coverings manufacturing
326199326199326199Rulers, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Screening, window, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Septic tanks, plastics or fiberglass, manufacturing
326199326199326199Shoe parts (e.g., heels, soles), plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Shutters, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Siding, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Sponges, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Swimming pool covers and liners, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Swimming pools, fiberglass, manufacturing
326199326199326199Tanks, storage, plastics or fiberglass, manufacturing
326199326199326199Television housings, plastics, manufacturing
326192326199326199Tiles, floor (i.e., linoleum, rubber, vinyl), manufacturing
326199326199326199Tires, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Trash containers, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Tumblers, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Utility containers (e.g., baskets, bins, boxes, buckets, dishpans, pails), plastics (except foam), manufacturing
326192326199326199Vinyl floor coverings manufacturing
326199326199326199Watch crystals, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Watering cans, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Window sashes, vinyl, manufacturing
326199326199326199Windows and window frames, plastics, manufacturing
326199326199326199Windows and window frames, vinyl, manufacturing
326199326199326199Windshields, plastics, manufacturing