NAICS Code Description

312130 - Wineries

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This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in one or more of the following: (1) growing grapes and manufacturing wines and brandies; (2) manufacturing wines and brandies from grapes and other fruits grown elsewhere; and (3) blending wines and brandies.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in bottling purchased wines are classified in Industry 424820, Wine and Distilled Alcoholic Beverage Merchant Wholesalers.
Index Entries for 312130
312130312130312130Alcoholic beverages, brandy, distilling
312130312130312130Applejack distilling
312130312130312130Beverages, wines and brandies, manufacturing
312130312130312130Blending brandy
312130312130312130Blending wines
312130312130312130Brandy distilling
312130312130312130Champagne method sparkling wine, manufacturing
312130312130312130Cider, alcoholic, manufacturing
312130312130312130Distilling brandy
312130312130312130Fortified wines manufacturing
312130312130312130Grape farming and making wine
312130312130312130Ice wine
312130312130312130Liquors, brandy, distilling and blending
312130312130312130Nonalcoholic wines manufacturing
312130312130312130Sake manufacturing
312130312130312130Sparkling wines manufacturing
312130312130312130Vermouth manufacturing
312130312130312130Wine coolers manufacturing
312130312130312130Wines manufacturing
312130312130312130Wines, cooking, manufacturing

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Treasury Wine Estates AmericasNAPACA
Wine Group IncRiponCA
Wente BrosLivermoreCA
Foley Fmly Wines Holdings IncSanta RosaCA
Vintage Wine Estates IncSanta RosaCA
F Korbel & BrosGuernevilleCA
Kendall-Jackson Wine EstatesSanta RosaCA
Precept Brands LLCSeattleWA
Robert Mondavi CorporationNAPACA