NAICS Code Description

311513 - Cheese Manufacturing

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Mondelez International IncGlanbia Inc
Saputo Cheese USA IncForemost Farms USA Cooperative
Schreiber Foods IncLactalis American Group Inc
Leprino Foods CompanyZausner Foods Corp
Sargento Foods IncGehl Foods LLC

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) manufacturing cheese products (except cottage cheese) from raw milk and/or processed milk products and/or (2) manufacturing cheese substitutes from soybean and other nondairy substances.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing cheese-based salad dressings--are classified in U.S. Industry 311941, Mayonnaise, Dressing, and Other Prepared Sauce Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing cottage cheese--are classified in U.S. Industry 311511, Fluid Milk Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 311513
311513311513311513Cheese (except cottage cheese) manufacturing
311513311513311513Cheese analogs manufacturing
311513311513311513Cheese products, imitation or substitute, manufacturing
311513311513311513Cheese spreads manufacturing
311513311513311513Cheese, imitation or substitute, manufacturing
311513311513311513Cheese, natural (except cottage cheese), manufacturing
311513311513311513Curds, cheese, made in a cheese plant, manufacturing
311513311513311513Dips, cheese based, manufacturing
311513311513311513Processed cheeses manufacturing
311513311513311513Spreads, cheese, manufacturing
311513311513311513Whey, raw, liquid, manufacturing