NAICS Code Description

311119 - Other Animal Food Manufacturing

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AG Processing A CooperativeFurst-Mcness Company
Blue Buffalo Pet Products IncEquity Group - KY Div LLC
Purina Animal Nutrition LLCGoldsboro Milling Company
Farmers Coop Soc Soux Ctr IowaVp Holdings Corporation
Purina Mills LLCNovus International Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing animal food (except dog and cat) from ingredients, such as grains, oilseed mill products, and meat products.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing dog and cat foods--are classified in U.S. Industry 311111, Dog and Cat Food Manufacturing;
  • Slaughtering animals for feed--are classified in Industry 31161, Animal Slaughtering and Processing; and
  • Manufacturing vitamins and minerals for animals--are classified in Industry 32541, Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 311119
311119311119311119Alfalfa meal, dehydrated, manufacturing
311119311119311119Alfalfa prepared as feed for animals
311119311119311119Alfalfa, cubed, manufacturing
311119311119311119Animal feed mills (except dog and cat) manufacturing
311119311119311119Animal feeds, prepared (except dog and cat), manufacturing
311119311119311119Barley feed, chopped, crushed or ground, manufacturing
311119311119311119Bird feed, prepared, manufacturing
311119311119311119Blending animal feed
311119311119311119Bone meal prepared as feed for animals and fowls
311119311119311119Cattle feeds, supplements, concentrates, and premixes, manufacturing
311119311119311119Chicken feeds, prepared, manufacturing
311119311119311119Citrus pulp, cattle feed, manufacturing
311119311119311119Complete feed, livestock, manufacturing
311119311119311119Custom milling of animal feed
311119311119311119Dairy cattle feeds, supplements, concentrates, and premixes, manufacturing
311119311119311119Earthworm food and bedding manufacturing
311119311119311119Feed concentrates, animal, manufacturing
311119311119311119Feed premixes, animal, manufacturing
311119311119311119Feed supplements, animal (except cat, dog), manufacturing
311119311119311119Feeds, prepared, for animals (except cat, dog) manufacturing
311119311119311119Feeds, specialty (e.g., guinea pig, mice, mink), manufacturing
311119311119311119Fish food for feeding fish manufacturing
311119311119311119Grain grinding, custom, for animal feed
311119311119311119Grain mills, animal feed
311119311119311119Hay, cubed, manufacturing
311119311119311119Kelp meal and pellets, animal feed manufacturing
311119311119311119Laboratory animal feed manufacturing
311119311119311119Livestock feeds, supplements, concentrates and premixes, manufacturing
311119311119311119Meal, alfalfa, manufacturing
311119311119311119Meal, bone, prepared as feed for animals and fowls, manufacturing
311119311119311119Micro and macro premixes, livestock, manufacturing
311119311119311119Mineral feed supplements (except cat, dog) manufacturing
311119311119311119Mineral supplements, animal (except cat, dog), manufacturing
311119311119311119Mobile feed mill
311119311119311119Pet food (except cat, dog) manufacturing
311119311119311119Poultry feeds, supplements, and concentrates manufacturing
311119311119311119Rabbit food manufacturing
311119311119311119Shell crushing and grinding for animal feed
311119311119311119Shell crushing for feed
311119311119311119Swine feed, complete, manufacturing
311119311119311119Swine feed, supplements, concentrates, and premixes, manufacturing
311119311119311119Turkey feeds, prepared, manufacturing