NAICS Code Description

221310 - Water Supply and Irrigation Systems

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American Water Works Co IncSouthwest Water Company
Veolia Wtr N Amer Oper Svcs LLSuez Water Indiana LLC
Essential Utilities IncHunter Industries Incorporated
Los Angeles Dept Wtr & PwrCalifornia Water Service Group
SW Merger Acquisition CorpMetropltan Wtr Rclmtion Dst Gr

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in operating water treatment plants and/or operating water supply systems. The water supply system may include pumping stations, aqueducts, and/or distribution mains. The water may be used for drinking, irrigation, or other uses.

Index Entries for 221310
221310221310221310Canal, irrigation
221310221310221310Filtration plant, water
221310221310221310Impounding reservoirs, irrigation
221310221310221310Irrigation system operation
221310221310221310Water distribution (except irrigation)
221310221310221310Water distribution for irrigation
221310221310221310Water filtration plant operation
221310221310221310Water supply systems
221310221310221310Water treatment and distribution
221310221310221310Water treatment plants