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221117 - Biomass Electric Power Generation

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Zilkha Biomass Crockett LLCNorthern Biomass Fuels LLC
Drax Biomass IncAria Energy LLC
Abengoa Bnergy Hybrid Kans LLCZilkha Biomass Power LLC
DTE Biomass Energy IncLone Oak Energy LLC
Lignetics of Web Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in operating biomass electric power generation facilities. These facilities use biomass (e.g., wood, waste, alcohol fuels) to produce electric energy. The electric energy produced in these establishments is provided to electric power transmission systems or to electric power distribution systems.


  • Establishments primarily engaged in operating trash disposal incinerators that also generate electricity are classified in U.S. Industry 562213, Solid Waste Combustors and Incinerators.
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221119221117221117Electric power generation, biomass
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