NAICS Code Description

111199 - All Other Grain Farming

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Cereal Byproducts CompanyPleasant Valley Frm Partnr LLP
Tallgrass Commodities LLCStricks LLC
Lucas Farms Produce CenterDouble D Seeds Inc
Buchholz Feed Store IncJlg Inc
White Brothers FarmDonald Slagle

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in growing grains and/or producing grain(s) seeds (except wheat, corn, rice, and oilseed(s) and grain(s) combinations).

Illustrative Examples:

Barley farming
Sorghum farming
Oat farming
Wild rice farming
Rye farming

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Growing wheat--are classified in Industry 111140, Wheat Farming;
  • Growing corn (except sweet corn)--are classified in Industry 111150, Corn Farming;
  • Growing rice (except wild rice)--are classified in Industry 111160, Rice Farming;
  • Growing sweet corn--are classified in U.S. Industry 111219, Other Vegetable (except Potato) and Melon Farming; and
  • Growing a combination of grain(s) and oilseed(s) with no one grain (or family of grains) or oilseed (or family of oilseeds) accounting for one-half of the establishment's agricultural production (value of crops for market)--are classified in U.S. Industry 111191, Oilseed and Grain Combination Farming.
Index Entries for 111199
111199111199111199Barley farming, field and seed production
111199111199111199Broomcorn farming
111199111199111199Buckwheat farming
111199111199111199Milo farming, field and seed production
111199111199111199Oat farming, field and seed production
111199111199111199Rye farming, field and seed production
111199111199111199Sorghum farming, field and seed production
111199111199111199Wild rice farming, field and seed production