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Unique Site ID: 05-986-7291 - Archived Record
Company Name:
Studio Imports Ltd Inc
Studio Imports
Top Contact:
Street Address:
1883 W State Road 84 # 106, Fort Lauderdale FL 33315
Phone: Restricted
Total Emps: 20Emps On Site: 20
Sales Volume: $3,113,169
Public/Private: PublicYear Started: 1972
Lat: Long:
NAICS 1: 316992Women's Handbag and Purse Manufacturing
NAICS 2: 541430Graphic Design Services
SIC 1: 31710000Women's handbags and purses
SIC 2: 73360000Commercial art and graphic design
Number of Locations: 2
Date of Report: 2020-01-10