Will U.S. International Trade Data be Available on a NAICS Basis?

Category: Common NAICS Questions

Data on international trade in goods are necessarily collected on a commodity basis, whereas NAICS and SIC, data are on an establishment basis.

Commodity groups approximating the NAICS categories were developed, however, and published for the years 1997 through 1999. (These overlap with series for groups using SIC commodity group classifications in the year 1997.)

It should be noted that some of the kinds of distinctions made in NAICS and other industry classifications cannot be made in commodity trade data. A notable example is printing and publishing.

NAICS places publishing in the new Information industry and retains only printing in manufacturing. In commodity trade data, however, the entire value of imported and exported publications is included in the goods classification “Printing, publishing and similar products.”

For additional information, please visit the USITC website.

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