I’m Trying to Establish a Relationship with Another Business but They Won’t Work With Me Until I Show Up in Your Database. Please Help!

Category: Common Company Lookup Questions

The US Company Lookup Tool is NOT TO BE USED to determine if a business or its Industry Codes are Valid. Only Companies that have acquired a DUNS Number, a complete record, and opted into the Marketable File appear in the Database. This means there are plenty of Valid Organizations that will not appear in our system.

Furthermore, any Company may assign any NAICS/SIC code(s) to themselves at any time, and change them at any time, without fulfilling any prerequisite or registering the change with a particular system. This means that the Primary source to confirm the Validity of an Industry code is typically with the Company itself. The only time NAICS/SIC codes aren’t completely self-assigned is when the Organization has to meet rules set forth by a government entity in order to do business in a Given Industry code in the given locale.

If trying to establish a Business relationship with someone, please direct them to this page if they are hesitating to progress due to Information found or lacking in the Company Lookup Tool.

Again, This is tool is not intended to be a Determining factor in establishing Business relationships.


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