How Can I Determine the Correct NAICS Code for My Business?

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NAICS was designed and documented in such a way to allow business establishments to self-code. There are a number of tools and references available to help you to determine the most appropriate NAICS code for your business:

You can use our Powerful Search Tool to find any NAICS code quickly and easily. Enter a keyword that describes your kind of business. A list of primary business activities containing that keyword and the corresponding NAICS codes will appear. Choose the one that most closely corresponds to your primary business activity, or refine your search to obtain other choices.

Rather than searching through a list of primary business activities you may also browse the NAICS Codes and Titles to find your code. You can select the category that applies to your business, and drill down through the more detailed levels until you find the appropriate 6-digit code.

If you know your old SIC code, you can use our Powerful Search Tool to locate the corresponding NAICS code. Simply enter the SIC code and the corresponding NAICS code(s) will appear.

To see the NAICS code associated with a specific business listing, use our US Business Directory Company Lookup Tool.

For more help with using the NAICS Search tool, click here.

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