13 - Oil and Gas Extraction
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
13Oil and Gas Extraction23,456
1311Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas5,086
131100Crude petroleum and natural gas1,788
13110000Crude petroleum and natural gas1,788
131101Crude petroleum and natural gas production3,203
13110100Crude petroleum and natural gas production650
13110101Crude petroleum production2,244
13110102Natural gas production309
131102Gas and hydrocarbon liquefaction from coal42
13110200Gas and hydrocarbon liquefaction from coal25
13110201Coal gasification12
13110202Coal liquefaction3
13110203Coal pyrolysis2
131103Sand and shale oil mining53
13110300Sand and shale oil mining17
13110301Oil sand mining25
13110302Oil shale mining10
13110303Tar sands mining1
1321Natural Gas Liquids468
132100Natural gas liquids212
13210000Natural gas liquids212
132199Natural gas liquids, nec256
13219901Butane (natural) production8
13219902Casing-head butane and propane production4
13219903Cycle condensate production (natural gas)4
13219904Ethane (natural) production8
13219905Fractionating natural gas liquids14
13219906Isobutane (natural) production0
13219907Liquefied petroleum gases (natural) production37
13219908Natural gas liquids production44
13219909Natural gasoline production52
13219910Propane (natural) production85
1381Drilling Oil and Gas Wells2,407
138100Drilling oil and gas wells1,584
13810000Drilling oil and gas wells1,584
138199Drilling oil and gas wells, nec823
13819901Directional drilling oil and gas wells443
13819902Drilling water intake wells90
13819903Redrilling oil and gas wells18
13819904Reworking oil and gas wells42
13819905Service well drilling227
13819906Spudding in oil and gas wells3
1382Oil and Gas Exploration Services4,836
138200Oil and gas exploration services4,349
13820000Oil and gas exploration services4,349
138299Oil and gas exploration services, nec487
13829901Aerial geophysical exploration, oil and gas57
13829902Geological exploration, oil and gas field184
13829903Geophysical exploration, oil and gas field97
13829904Seismograph surveys149
1389Oil and Gas Field Services, Nec10,659
138900Oil and gas field services, nec988
13890000Oil and gas field services, nec988
138901Construction, repair, and dismantling services1,884
13890100Construction, repair, and dismantling services1,365
13890101Building oil and gas well foundations on site59
13890102Derrick building, repairing, and dismantling9
13890103Excavating slush pits and cellars83
13890104Grading oil and gas well foundations28
13890105Lease tanks, oil field: erecting, cleaning, and repairing85
13890106Oil and gas wells: building, repairing and dismantling212
13890107Well plugging and abandoning, oil and gas43
138902Testing, measuring, surveying, and analysis services647
13890200Testing, measuring, surveying, and analysis services344
13890201Detection and analysis service, gas34
13890202Measurement of well flow rates, oil and gas72
13890203Oil sampling service for oil companies33
13890204Pipe testing, oil field service150
13890205Surveying wells14
138903Bailing, cleaning, swabbing, and treating of wells181
13890300Bailing, cleaning, swabbing, and treating of wells57
13890301Acidizing wells47
13890302Bailing wells1
13890303Chemically treating wells23
13890304Cleaning wells28
13890305Swabbing wells25
138999Oil and gas field services, nec, nec6,959
13899901Cementing oil and gas well casings244
13899902Fire fighting, oil and gas field23
13899903Fishing for tools, oil and gas field50
13899904Gas compressing (natural gas) at the fields62
13899905Gas field services, nec345
13899906Haulage, oil field156
13899907Hot shot service165
13899908Hydraulic fracturing wells41
13899909Impounding and storing salt water, oil and gas field45
13899910Mud service, oil field drilling85
13899911Oil consultants676
13899912Oil field services, nec3,643
13899913Perforating well casings43
13899914Processing service, gas47
13899915Pumping of oil and gas wells210
13899916Removal of condensate gasoline from field (gathering) lines93
13899917Roustabout service404
13899918Running, cutting, and pulling casings, tubes and rods18
13899919Servicing oil and gas wells482
13899920Well logging127