Industry: 1321—Natural Gas Liquids
Establishments primarily engaged in producing liquid hydrocarbons from oil and gas field gases. Establishments recovering liquefied petroleum gases incidental to petroleum refining or to the manufacturing of chemicals are classified in Manufacturing, Major Group 28 or Major Group 29. Establishments recovering helium from natural gas are classified in Manufacturing, Major Group 28.

Butane (natural) productionIsobutane (natural) production
Casing-head butane and propane productionLiquefied petroleum gases (natural) production
Cycle condensate production (natural gas)Natural gas liquids production
Ethane (natural) productionNatural gasoline production
Fractionating natural gas liquidsPropane (natural) production
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
1321Natural Gas Liquids451
132100Natural gas liquids0
13210000Natural gas liquids210
132199Natural gas liquids, nec0
13219901Butane (natural) production7
13219902Casing-head butane and propane production6
13219903Cycle condensate production (natural gas)2
13219904Ethane (natural) production6
13219905Fractionating natural gas liquids12
13219906Isobutane (natural) production0
13219907Liquefied petroleum gases (natural) production37
13219908Natural gas liquids production46
13219909Natural gasoline production49
13219910Propane (natural) production76