SIC Industry Description

Industry: 9651—Regulation, Licensing, and Inspection of Miscellaneous Commercial Sectors
Government establishments primarily engaged in regulation, licensing, and inspection of other commercial sectors, such as retail trade, professional occupations, manufacturing, mining, construction and services. Maintenance of physical standards, regulating hazardous conditions not elsewhere classified, and alcoholic beverage control are classified here. Private establishments primarily engaged in regulation, licensing, and establishment of standards are classified in Services, Division I.

Alcoholic beverage control boards—governmentLicensing and permit for retail trade—government
Banking regulatory agencies—governmentMinimum wage program administration—government
Bureaus of standards—governmentPrice control agencies—government
Inspection for labor standards—governmentRent control agencies—government
Insurance commissions—governmentSecurities regulation commissions
Labor—management negotiations boards—governmentWage control agencies—government
Licensing and permit for professional occupations—government
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
9651Regulation, Miscellaneous Commercial Sectors3,148
965100Regulation, miscellaneous commercial sectors229
96510000Regulation, miscellaneous commercial sectors229
965101Financial regulatory agency260
96510100Financial regulatory agency40
96510101Banking regulatory agency, government61
96510102Insurance commission, government134
96510103Securities regulation commission, government25
965102Labor regulatory agency762
96510200Labor regulatory agency440
96510201Inspection for labor standards and safety, government77
96510202Labor-management negotiations board, government123
96510203Minimum wage program administration, government2
96510204Wage control agency, government120
965104Regulation, miscellaneous commerical sectors, level of government1,203
96510401Regulation, miscellaneous commercial sectors, Federal government264
96510402Regulation, miscellaneous commercial sectors, State government852
96510403Regulation, miscellaneous commercial sectors, County government36
96510404Regulation, miscellaneous commercial sectors, Local government49
965199Regulation, miscellaneous commercial sectors, nec694
96519901Alcoholic beverage control board, government445
96519902Bureaus of standards, government22
96519903Licensing and permits for professional occupations, govt.177
96519904Licensing and permits for retail trade, government45
96519905Price control agency, government1
96519906Rent control agency, government4