SIC Industry Description

Industry: 9641—Regulation of Agricultural Marketing and Commodities
Government establishments primarily engaged in planning, administration, and coordination of agricultural programs for production, marketing, and utilization, including related research, educational, and promotional activities. Establishments responsible for regulating and controlling the grading, inspection, and warehousing of agricultural products; the grading and inspection of foods; and the handling of plants and animals are classified here. Government establishments primarily engaged in administration of programs for developing economic data about agriculture and trade in agricultural products are classified in Industry 9611. Government establishments primarily engaged in programs for conservation of agricultural resources are classified in Industry 9512. Government establishments primarily engaged in programs to provide food to people are classified in Industry 9441.

Agriculture extension servicesMarketing and consumer services—government
Agriculture fair boards—governmentRegulation and inspection of agricultural products—government
Food inspection agencies—government
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
9641Regulation of Agricultural Marketing5,499
964100Regulation of agricultural marketing680
96410000Regulation of agricultural marketing680
964104Regulation of agricultural marketing, level of government4,379
96410400Regulation of agricultural marketing, level of government1
96410401Regulation of agricultural marketing, Federal government3,310
96410402Regulation of agricultural marketing, State government583
96410403Regulation of agricultural marketing, County government469
96410404Regulation of agricultural marketing, Local government16
964199Regulation of agricultural marketing, nec440
96419901Agriculture extension service155
96419902Agriculture fair board, government84
96419903Commodity exchange authority4
96419904County agricultural agent, government45
96419905Food inspection agency, government65
96419906Marketing and consumer service, government23
96419907Regulation and inspection of agricultural products, govt.64