SIC Industry Description

Industry: 9631—Regulation and Administration of Communications, Electric, Gas, and Other Utilities
Government establishments primarily engaged in regulation, licensing and inspection of communications, electric (including nuclear), gas, water, sewer, and other utilities. Operators of utilities are classified in Transportation and Public Utilities, Division E. All establishments of the U.S. Postal Service are classified in Transportation and Public Utilities, Industry 4311.

Communications commissions—governmentPublic service commissions, except transportation
Irrigation districts—nonoperatingPublic utility commissions
Licensing and inspection of utilitiesRegulation of utilities
Mosquito eradication districtsSanitary districts—nonoperating
Nuclear energy inspection and regulation offices
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
9631Regulation, Administration of Utilities1,364
963100Regulation, administration of utilities171
96310000Regulation, administration of utilities171
963104Regulation, administration of utilities, level of government493
96310400Regulation, administration of utilities, level of government4
96310401Regulation, administration of utilities, Federal government11
96310402Regulation, administration of utilities, State government73
96310403Regulation, administration of utilities, County government71
96310404Regulation, administration of utilities, Local government334
963199Regulation, administration of utilities, nec700
96319901Communications commission, government122
96319902Irrigation district: government, nonoperating16
96319903Licensing and inspection of utilities, government43
96319904Mosquito eradication district, government36
96319905Nuclear energy inspection and regulation office, govt.24
96319906Public service commission, except transportation: govt.142
96319907Public utility commission, government273
96319908Sanitary district: nonoperating, government44