SIC Industry Description

Industry: 9621—Regulation and Administration of Transportation Programs
Government establishments primarily engaged in regulation, licensing, planning, inspection and investigation of transportation services and facilities. Motor vehicle and operator licensing is classified here. Establishments of the Coast Guard that perform functions related to the regulation, administration and operation of transportation are included here. Also included in this industry are civilian government air traffic control and aircraft inspection establishments. Parking authorities are classified here, but the operators of lots and garages are classified in Services, Industry 7521. Operators of railroads, subways, depots, ports, toll roads and bridges, and other transportation facilities are classified in Transportation and Public Utilities,

Air traffic control operations—governmentPort authorities and districts—nonoperating
Aircraft inspection-governmentRailroad and warehouse commissions—nonoperating
Licensing and inspection of transportation facilities and services-governmentTransit systems and authorities—nonoperating
Motor carrier licensing and inspection offices—governmentTransportation departments—government
Motor vehicle licensing and inspection offices—governmentTransportation regulatory agencies—government
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
9621Regulation, Administration of Transportation9,720
962100Regulation, administration of transportation770
96210000Regulation, administration of transportation770
962101Aircraft regulating agencies783
96210100Aircraft regulating agencies50
96210101Air traffic control operations, government728
96210102Aircraft inspection, government5
962102Licensing agencies1,490
96210200Licensing agencies707
96210201Licensing, inspection: transportation facilities, services110
96210202Motor carrier licensing and inspection office, government36
96210203Motor vehicle licensing and inspection office, government637
962103Water vessels and port regulating agencies781
96210300Water vessels and port regulating agencies67
96210301Coast Guard, regulation and administration of transportation659
96210302Port authority or district: government, nonoperating55
962104Regulation, administration of transporatation, level of government4,555
96210400Regulation, administration of transportation, level of government6
96210401Regulation, administration of transportation, Federal government444
96210402Regulation, administration of transportation, State government3,225
96210403Regulation, administration of transportation, County government398
96210404Regulation, administration of transportation, Local government482
962199Regulation, administration of transportation, nec1,341
96219901Bureau of public roads665
96219902Interstate Commerce Commission32
96219903Railroad and warehouse commission, government49
96219904Transit system or authority: government, nonoperating47
96219905Transportation department: government, nonoperating548