SIC Industry Description

Industry: 9431—Administration of Public Health Programs
Government establishments primarily engaged in planning, administration, and coordination of public health programs and services, including environmental health activities, mental health, categorical health programs (e.g., cancer control, communicable disease control, maternity, child health), health statistics, and immunization services. Hospitals, including boards of directors, are classified in Services, Industry Group 806. Health services such as immunization, X-ray, and cancer detection clinics are classified in Services, Major Group 80.

Cancer detection program administration—governmentImmunization program administration—government
Categorical health program administration—governmentMaternity and child health program administration—government
Communicable disease program administration—governmentMental health agencies—government
Environmental health programs—governmentPublic health agencies—nonoperating
Health statistics centers—government
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
9431Administration of Public Health Programs7,822
943100Administration of public health programs497
94310000Administration of public health programs497
943104Administration of public health programs, level of government5,983
94310400Administration of public health programs, level of government8
94310401Administration of public health programs, Federal government757
94310402Administration of public health programs, State government2,855
94310403Administration of public health programs, County government1,902
94310404Administration of public health programs, Local government461
943199Administration of public health programs, nec1,342
94319901Cancer detection program administration, government14
94319902Categorical health program administration, government22
94319903Child health program administration, government111
94319904Communicable disease program administration, government15
94319905Environmental health program administration, government138
94319906Health statistics center, government41
94319907Immunization program administration, government29
94319908Mental health agency administration, government552
94319909Prenatal (maternity) health program administration, govt.20
94319910Public health agency administration, government400