SIC Industry Description

Industry: 9411—Administration of Educational Programs
Government establishments primarily engaged in central coordination, planning, supervision and administration of funds, policies, intergovernmental activities, statistical reports and data collection, and centralized programs for educational administration. Government scholarship programs are classified here. Included are Federal and State education departments, commissions and similar educational organizations. Schools and local and State school boards operating schools are classified in Services, Major Group 82. Human resource training is classified in Services, Industry 8331, and administration of such programs in Group 944.

County supervisors of education, except school boardsState education departments
Education offices, nonoperatingTeacher certification bureaus
Education statistics centers—government
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
9411Administration of Educational Programs1,721
941100Administration of educational programs237
94110000Administration of educational programs237
941104Administration of educational programs, level of government1,304
94110400Administration of educational programs, level of government7
94110401Administration of educational programs, Federal government50
94110402Administration of educational programs, State government821
94110403Administration of educational programs, County government230
94110404Administration of educational programs, Local government196
941199Administration of educational programs, nec180
94119901County supervisor of education, except school board60
94119902Education office, nonoperating7
94119903Education statistics center, government10
94119904State education department96
94119905Teacher certification bureau7